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New Stat Table from Enchant scrolls and gems

Hi guys, just wondering if there is already a new list of attributes that enchant scrolls and gems gives. Though I’m more interested on the enchant scroll’s since the added attributes are randomly selected from a range. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


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Hey how are creating posts with less than 20hues ?

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3 ASCII symbols after “Yes.” Each of them consists of 7 symbols.

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(EDIT: LOL i dont find more were i see this)

gem its update again in ktos right?

Some optional effects obtained from Enchant Scrolls have been improved.
Red, Blue & Yellow Gems have been improved.
Armor efficiency has been improved, The higher the rank - the higher the efficiency of the armor.

somebody have info about changes?

Long applied already.

The chart is updated. its the same as ktos . Efficiency is additional stats bonus from your level type from attribuites

what about green gems, are they buffed yet?

as a side note it looks like the rng on the enchant scrolls is now worse than ever due to expanded min-max ranges.

buffed already.

look at the values compared to old ones.

not really unless you are extremely particular about max min. on enchants.

Or practical usage stats will do.

woah it used to be 10? my memory sucks lol

Above is old green gems for main hand. Practically only main hand changes.

Tampon update with new ones already.

tyvm. meh +4 more crit rate for a lv 5 gem, no wonder why i did not notice.

I have seen head chants with 50~ elemental attack now… would suck if stuff like 20 p atk was possible >.<

they go up to 99 now.

magic and pattack stats gain X3


nah you were right the first time. ele resist goes up to 84 and elemental attack goes to 99. in that chart elemental attack is listed as “attack attack power”.


was sleeping through mission dun mind me

does anyone know the % for having 1, 2, or 3 chants on the headgear?

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huemaster wish to know as well


it’s all about rng but my experince so far rolling more than 100, it’s pretty much less than 30% with double line and the one you want is prolly only 1 out of 100 (p attack + X in this case)