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New section on Teliavelis "Craft Legend Equipment"

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i want to propose to create another section on “Craft Legend Equipment” from Teliavelis about PvP equipment and another one about accessories. In this way, it would be better organized and it would be more intuitive. (or one about weapons, another one about armors and another one about accessories, sharing the filters from the top side)

Moreover, i want to propose to create PvP glacia legenda weapons and make PvP equipment able to be used on GTW aswell. GTW is a PvP enviroment as TBL and Gemstone feud, so i think that it should be able to be used on GTW too, making this kind of equipment more usefull aswell (more people would invest on it).

Another option could be about remove the PvP equipment and make legend raid sets (skia, glacia…) able to use 2 enchant legend sets, one for PvM and another one for PvP (like be able to have balinta + Charist on the same set). All the bonuses from this sets could be applied sepparately depending on the place where you are (PvP enviroment or non-PvP enviroment) instead of only the last bonus.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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GTW is a lot more competitive than Feud or TBL, so i can understand the reasoning behind not keeping PvP gears available for that particular content.
That being said, weapons for TBL would be nice though.

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I think that it would be the same (making PvP equipment able to be used on GTW). The only one difference is that people will have to lose more time/items on create the equipment for GTW if PvP equipment continue being useless on GTW. At the moment, its better have another glacia legenda instead of PvP glacia legenda, to be able to do all PvP content with it.

Anyway, ty for your contribution!! :haha: