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New Rapier Class Idea XDD

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Hi Hi , game designers of TOS.
Here’s my idea for another Rapier / Spear / Dagger Classes. Its sad that Epee buff has been nerf to Only Pierce Damage , But personally i still like Rapier class. ( Love at first sight maybe XD )

Buffing and Dps Classes for Fencer ( its an idea for new Swordsman Rapier Class )

Moon Knight [ Chevalier de Lune ]

Class : Swordsman Weapon : Rapier Skill Weapon Attribute : Rapier + Dagger [or One-Hand Spear]

Class Description:
In the year of our Lord of Orsha, the Demon Lord enslaved 800 Orsha children to fill the ranks of Demon’s army. Trained to kill without conscience , to crave for blood of all whom defied the Demon Lord. From among these children, one grew into a warrior , so fierce that entire armies would retreat in terror at the mention of his name - Knight of the Impaler , Sons of the Devil. Sickened by his own monstrous act, This warrior came to bury his past with the Eclipse of the moon, pray upon to the Goddess of Eclipse , whom guides and save the remaining warriors of Orsha from their never ending misery. Hidden away in the Country far beyond the demon’s reach , these orsha warriors had renamed themselves as - Lune Warrior. And the best of them are granted the title - " Chevalier de Lune ". Blessed by the power of Eclipse, Chevalier could bind their rapiers with mysterious power of the Eclipse- granting themselves power to stop the War.

Skills and Description :
Lumière d’éclipse [ c1 ]

Chevalier of Lune were known to be favour by the Moon.
Often their rapiers are bless with the power of Eclipse, granting then with enchance senses and strength.

Skill level : 5 [ max ]
Skill Effect :
Grants Block Penetration and Accuracy
Block Penetration 30%
Accuracy 30%

Buff timing : 30 minutes
Skill Cooldown : 60 Sec

Art : Lune Blessings
Increase Pierce type Property attack damage by 30% and reduce Lumière d’éclipse effect by 15%

Empaleur de lune [ c1 ]

Unleash a powerful stab to the enemies in front which breaks their defence.

Skill level : 15
Skill Effect :
When this skill accurately hits , enemies hit would have their defense reduced.
Casting time 0.5 seconds.
Reduced Defense 20% by 20 second
Increase Pierce type Property Damage by 40% by 20 seconds
Overheat : 2
Skill Cooldown : 30second

Art : Sharp Rapier
Change from Casting to Channeling skills [ 3 second channel ]
Increase skill cooldown by 10 second

Crimson Blessings [ c2 ]

Flick the tip of tip of the rapier and increase its sharpness

Skill level : 1
Skill Effect :
Increase Rapier Pierce final damage property by 30%
Casting time 1 seconds.
Buff timing : 50 seconds
Skill Cooldown : 60 seconds

Art : Blood Rapier
Reduce Original effect by half
Increase Final Damage against Boss or Large Monster by 15%
Increase cooldown by 10 seconds

Lunatic Thrust [ c2 ]

Thrust front , impaling enemies with Rapier

Skill Level : 10
Skill Effect :
Apply Debuff [ Lunatic ] for 15 seconds on monsters when skill accurately hit monsters.

Enemies under lunatic debuff will receive reduction of 10% both physical and magical defense , and will trigger some Hidden Effect of Chavelier de Lune skills.

Feint Move [ c2 ]

Slash enemy with Rapier

Skill Level : 10
Skill Effect :

Art : Evasive Feint
Feint attacks using Rapier.

Rain of Chaos [ c3 ]

Performs endless Piercing attack with Rapier .

Skill Level : 5
Skill Effect :
Final Damage increase by 20% on successful Critical Hit .
[Skill Factor x 3 ] x 0.3 second
Channeling : 3 sec.

Art : Deep Wound.
Additional hit [x1] on Bleeding Enemy.

Dark Moon [ c3 ]

Awakes the power of Moon in inner-self. Greatly enhance Combat Capabilities.

Skill level : 1
Skill Effect :
Each Stacks increases Pierce property damage by 2.5%
[Max 10 stacks]

Hope this could helps designing new classes for Rapier class :haha:


A class that will grant more buffs for an already buffed and meta-class? No, thanks. Although the class itself is very interesting, but it may lead to a OP combo among Fencer - Matador - MK, since it will be pure Pierce DMG classes (considering that IMC would take your idea).

The main problem in your concept for MK class is that is fullfiled with buffs and debuffs and this is an issue, since it will be very hard to balance in the current . Most classes mix in 2-3 pure buffs, 1-2 debuffs, and attack/control skills. Most of your described skills grants buffs with high values, maybe it should be highly nerfed, for instance: Crimson Blessings is almost the same thing as Preparation skill is, both of them cannot be used at same time. Empaleur de lune it Reduced Defense should be reduced from 20% to 10% (remember there is a cap value of reduction defense) and Pierce Damage from 40% to 20%. Dark Moon reduced from 2.5% to 1.5%.

Beside that, IMC loves creates classes that has some historic background, so before everything it is necessary to find any rapier-knight in France history that would fit in this concept.

I like the suggestions and the idea of another Rapier class that could be cross-compatible with one-handed spear. But Spear/Rapier both have plenty of final damage, so i don’t think that the new class should be focused on enhancing damage any further, especially in Rapiers case.
I would focus on adding more attack skills, and maybe a self-contained minigame kinda like Arquebusier-tier of power. (Not like clown+vaivora pls)

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:distinguished: no worry, just an idea :satisfaction:

but you got the point , maybe its Overpowering. but i just wanna have another class using rapier and spear, [ pierce property ] :haha:

I would rather see a class based on the italian school of fencing, since the french school was already covered via the fencer class and the spanish Destreza is kind-of represented by the matador class.

So a fencer in the Dardi school then. Who could be more defensive oriented with shield and have an option for 2h combination as well with thrusting/piercing moves considering they taught wielding the 2 handed Spadone. This way it could be both combined with fencer/mata and possibly Highlander/Doppel/BB

Yeah, it could be easily made general purpose, just throw some attribute here and there to give some specific advantages depending on the class. Albeit, due to how they’re making all the classes vaivora-oriented, it will still end up favoring a specific weapon type.
Either way, it would be nice to finally have three rapier classes so that you don’t necessarily have to rely on barbarian simply because there just is no other class that has enough skills that can be used with a rapier…

The worst thing is that Barbarian is the Jack-all-trade for all builds: Lance, Sword (2H or 1H+Dagger) and Fencer. Maybe a rework on Barbarian would solve this issue, as well a rework on Hoplite to be the Lance-buffer class, and this hypothetical fencer class be the buffer for Fencer-Matador composition.

Yea but since there already are 2 rapier vv’s the new only doesn’t necessary need one as well. Thats where i feel they are kinda dumb when it comes to the use of vv. You could easily make it another weapon type and open up more class builds. So in this instance, this class could have piercing and slash type atks, som defensive oriented skills and be open for rapier+dagger, rapier+shield, 1h sword+dagger, 1h sword+shield and 2 hand wep. And the vv could be a 1h sword.

So if paired with fencer/mata. You use fencer or mata vv.
If paired with shield classes perhaps, you use the vv for this class (1h sword), perhaps even open up the option on mixing in fencer+rode and make that shine.
If paired with HL, doppel or bb you use their respective vv’s

To be fair, the same thing could be said for the sword and two handed swords, it’s not like there are few of them either. It’s just that aside from fencer and matador there just is no other rapier class to make rapiers for, so unless they make multiple ones for the same class, they wouldn’t have other chances to make one.

And making such a class too much “general purpose” would likely make it too strong in some gimmick build and cause nerfs to everything else. Just look at fencer and matador for that…the last nerfs were due of a channel build performing too well…except that they don’t even have a single channel skill and the channel skill in question is a barbarian one that mainly used those two classes as buff classes.
The class could just be limited to one handed sword/rapier + dagger/shield in that regard, Even then there would be the issue of the skill type, as rapier classes have bonuses on pierce, and a one-handed swordie with BB would have bonuses on slash, so unless they make those skills multitype, one of the builds would miss out (or there would be less skills to vie for in general). So, well, things wouldn’t be simple either way.

True, but I would have wanted to see that happening for vv’s in the first place. When it comes to the skills, it could either be solved with arts or vv changing the type of atk for some skills. And usually you can’t use all skills in a skill tree either.

I just feel they passed up on a good opportunity when it comes to vv’s. I feel it would have been much better if they used vv’s to open up more diversity in class builds instead of still keeping classes in their respective formulas with 1,2 out of 3 vv’s completely ignored. Cause in most cases, there is only 1 vv to go and the others are just considered trash. I feel this is more true in the swordsman tree compared to wiz for example. In wiz tree you pretty much just go with the vv for the main class you have but that might change in the future.