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New player with issue joining server due to teamname

I decided to install the game today, never played this game before. Saw the new server and decided to make a team name and character there. I learn that this server is unavailable until later in Feb. I am trying to create a team name in another N.American server and cannot get past team name validation

Error Message: Cannot create team due to the existing team in the other world

I heard you cannot create characters in new servers. ( Or rather you cannot use the new growth server if you have existing characters in old servers). But I created a new character in the growth server and now cannot play the game.

Also my team name on the new growth server must have been taken… I got something very generic and simple. Something must be wrong if all servers share team names.

Any help is appreciated. This game looks neat :slight_smile:

From my understanding, you can’t have an account on both the current servers and new servers. You would probably need IMC to delete the account from the new servers so you could roll on the existing ones (I would try a ticket on the support part of the website). Or wait 2 weeks til the new servers open and play there.

Or make a new Steam account to play on the existing servers.

May wait then. Interesting that I popped in at the perfect time to fall into this without knowing.

Thanks for the info, not sure if fortunate or unfortunate timing on my downloading this when I did xD

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

But as we announced in our New Server Pre-Registration Event announcement, you have to use another Steam account in order to play at the original server and the new server simultaneously.

I hope this answer helps your case.

Thank you very much.

I hope that IMC is aware that most people arent going to be willing to make a whole new steam account just to try out one free to play game. Think about it, your whole library of games is on another account, why would they?


Ok well this just happened to me too. Can I have someone remove the team from the new server so I can actually try this game? I’m not willing to make another steam account just for this game.

I tried many of the team names, and they are already in used. I wonder how many team names they freed up. Unlike Korean/Chinese/Japanese (Han) characters, there are many combinations, short meaningful English names maybe very limited.

it still dont understand, what the problem with Existing new players Kedroan new/returning player Equip and Buff?

Also in Ktos there is seperate Buff for new players in EP12 right in same servers??
like Atk,Def ,Exp boost etc…
Just make an event like Stamp Collection for New/returning player so he/she can explore the game,complete the quests while get all the rewards/Buffs/boosts in existing server itself…
just give the new player Buff/boost via NPC…
so veteran players can help new players too in same server.
New players will quit aftersometime if they see empty server…

NOW U MADE 4 new servers…for nothing
and from what we see now… players try like 10+ teamnames and cant even make a character…
there goes like 20% of new players who will straight away quit at this step…coz they get frustrated because they cant even make a character …

Not sure how many players will make new steam account for 1 Game.
what if i already have recharged lots of money in old steam account?

Simple things are made harder…

I’m already seeing new player teams like “dskfjhbqjfhbqf” or “ajgqsvdfiusvfd” on the server, because it’s the only names they can come with that don’t get rejected.

And they’re not the only ones:


uh…wow heard through the grapevine that there was some boosted servers, so wanted to give it a try but I have to go out of my way to make a separate account to try it out disconnected from my library? Uninstalled.

NO ONE… and I mean no one is making a new STEAM account that has 100’s of games on it to supplement this fail implementation by IMC. I’ve waited 4 years in hopes that this game would finally be up to normal standards of an MMO, to only find out this BS character creation issue; which forces 3 other friends that were willing to play, no longer interested in playing because they can’t play with me due to me having made an account on launch, on original servers.

You all should find better coders, and create a name wipe, and the ability to delete and change characters freely. I’ve never in my life seen something so terrible in an MMO, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve played 30 odd MMO’s throughout my life.

P.P.S Although not a large sample, 100% disgust with this system is telling enough. That’s just a small sample of people that think this is possibly the most comedic, and terrible thing seen in a game, especially an MMORPG.

lol my situation is even more hillarious, i played this game 4 years ago, the teamname is not a thing back then, i even bought a starter pack, play for sometime then quit, 4 years after that, they dont let me play new server because i have a lv25 character in old server lmao, funnier is when i go back to old server, they ask me to make a teamname, again! lol (when i try to make character in new server, the system said i already had a team in old server :smile: ) what a fking joke, this game and the devs, no wonder why this game is dying, it being ran by clowns

They ad deleted any team that has not online from last 2 years. It’s in announcement.

New server will merge with old server.

Purpose of new server is to allow new player in january and february to level up and equip faster to reduce the gap of old player and new player…

P/S: +11 trans 10 gear wont make the cut anymore.