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New Player with 10 Questions

Recently started playing again for the first time since I dabbled years ago at launch. (And by dabbled I mean really dabbled. I did not hit end game.)

  1. Why are there so many maps? Generally once I get a fragment piece from the goddesses in the storyline I will then be teleported to a new region. There are many zones in between that are skipped over. Is there anything in these zones?

  2. I am not using the gifted gear, but trying to find my own. Some of my pieces are pretty bad. What is a good way to upgrade gear? Grind for drops?

  3. Is there crafting besides the recipes? Sort of like life skilling? I have found fishing, but what purpose does it serve?

  4. Where are the side quests? I vaguely remember there being more quests. Where did they all go?

  5. Do class trainer serve a purpose? For instance the rogue trainer in one of the cities seems to have nothing to say to me.

  6. Where do attribute points come from? I haven’t gotten a single one and feel like I’m missing something.

  7. Have some zones been removed? I tried to find a “Sier Rainforest” earlier and couldn’t for the life of me.

  8. Is there a good resource/database site that is used and updated?

  9. I have seen in passing online that there are “secrets” in the zones. Are these still around? Any tips on how to find them?

  10. And finally is there a friendly guild on Klaipeda that would take a new player on?

investing in gear before 440 is not worth it. you level fast and replace them often.
use the free gear game gives you until later

sidequests unlock when you reach something 350+ or 380+
just do mainquests until you have no more left, they are good exp

some masters have sidequests/repeat quests later

updated one is

join any guild or the TOSsupport guild

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Back then to level, you’d need to quest pretty much all maps+grind on top of that. Nowadays, levelling became so much easier, meaning a ton of maps became forgotten with no real reason to go there, unless you are a completionist.

Attributes are mostly from running instanced content and events.

Yes, they removed most of the old orsha-side maps, and are slowly replacing them with new, high level ones. Just yesterday we got the Delmore maps again, but completely reworked.

This could help

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  • sidequests
  • 100% exploration gives some rewards from Wings of Vaivora NPC (exp cards)
  • collections to complete (up to Mishekan Forest?)

Every drops are obsolete. From level 1 to level 459, you use the Growth equipment you get for free when you either start a character or visit Wings of Vaivora NPC.

There’s a housing system now. Plus new Archaelology and Brewing since this week.

You need to complete the main quests up to episode 10, they won’t appear before.

You get a sidequest later on (some masters give the quest at level 15, others at level 285 it depends). There are also quests for achievements and costumes.

Mainly from events. Later on you get some from the legend raids, and some from quest events/achievements. If you’re desperate, you can buy them from silver… but you must be really desperate for that…

Yup, every zone related to Orsha was removed. Some were recycled for later quests starting from episode 13.

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You can get attributes mainly by:
Clearing green repeatables in town once per char once you hit ep12 (on the right of the fishing spot in klai)
Clearing achievements (GrowUp chapters, quest achievements) and episode rewards.
Clearing “Assister Dungeon” floors weekly
Dungeon: Heroic Tale

You can earn Goddess Token (red coin) by doing various content or grinding fields, and it can be transformed into attribute points using the bazaar icon on the top left of the minimap.
These coins are also used to attempt tries to enhance gear and buy FREE repair kits.

Also creating a new character now makes you start at level 450. Lv1 is optional.

For the blue quests (side) they appear once you redeem episode 10 reward (will appear on all chars).
Or if you use a level 460 boost card (new player gift).

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