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New Player trying AA melee Cleric

Hello everyone, i need a bit help building my Cleric.

I started playing 2 days ago (28 hours in 2 days, nice game tbh) and started with Cleric and Chaplain class. I want to build a melee Cleric that can get the maximum possible synergies from his autoattacks.

The build i was planning is Chaplain / Inquisitor / Zealot. My questions are:

  • Is there any updated guide to melee Cleric? I just found old guides that seems outdated, with references to things like 2017 and 2018 patches and updates. I don’t know if the game has changed so much in this few years, but probably the class is not played the same it was in 2017.

  • I can only maximize (5/5 points) 3 skills of base cleric, and i want to spend 1 point in fade to use the shift enhancement. Which skill (Heal / Smite / Guardian Saint) should i let with only 4/5 points?

  • Which skills of the Inquisitor class should i priorize? Im using mostly only Breaking Wheel and Judgement. God Smash and Pearl of Anguish seems to deal less damage than a single AA with 5 points on each skill, and the animations are really slow.

  • What is that “overheating” i have in some skills? I can use my Smite 5 times, God Smash 3 times, etc. They deal more damage the more i overheat them, or is just a way to cast the skill multiple times before enter the CD? It has any drawback like spending more mana or something?

  • How can i aim with my melee skills? The melee smashes (Smite and God Smash) seems to just attack in any random direction instead of where my character is looking.

New Player
Dont be new, be veteran!

Are you investing in spr? no? No need heal.

Smite is garbage, you only put one point for the extra %dam the buff procures.

It’s just the number of times you can use the skill before it goes on CD.

What mode? Keyboard? Press ctrl to lock a target and tab to switch. Mouse? Click the target.

Thanks you for the answers!

I think im investing on DEX (at least the few stat points that i had obtained in some quests, but no more than 15-20 points at total)

I was using the “Physical stat: Cleric” passive to gain more STR and DEX instead of INT and SPR, but i feel im doing a lot more damage when i turn this passive off and turn on the Chaplain “Magical Stat: Chaplain” passive to focus more on SPR and INT.

Actually my stats at 222 are something like that:

  • With Physical stat Cleric passive: 194 STR / 21 INT / 25 SPR / 202 DEX
  • With Magical stat Chaplain passive: 94 STR / 120 INT / 161 SPR / 66 DEX
    Using the second configuration (more INT and SPR) i deal more damage and healing, so i think maybe i should focus on INT/SPR and stop wasting points on DEX? Or im missing something?

I was wondering this since i started playing, didn’t notice that i can change controls to mouse + keyboard instead of the default weird controls. Thanks you very much.

Here you will choose depending on the other classes you put in your build. If you go Chaplain/Inquisitor, this requires a physical build. Don’t invest in DEX, put all points into STR and a bit in CON at the end. If you’re courageous, instead of Zealot, choose Monk :wink:

Im probably trying both classes, and Paladin too, since i have a few class change points that im not sure how i obtained.

Actually im Chaplain > Inquisitor > Zealot, since i had read on a forum post that Monk’s Double Punch got destroyed and no loger is used in AA builds (the post was from a few years ago, so i don’t know if this skill is now good to combine with Chaplain).

Not really because Monk is a low cool down class. Chaplain will make you lose a lot of damage on Monk and vice versa, because skill rotations are inconsistent and cannot be fused without loss. Zealot and Inquisitor work much better because they are classes that only need to use a few skills every 30-40 seconds, which is just enough time for your Binatio to run out.
The same problem appears on Paladin. Paladin is a class that is not really suited to be paired with Chaplain, it’s an alternative to Chaplain to provide survival without a shield, at the cost of being mobile.
This can change with the adjustments to the Cleric classes upcoming this June on KTOS, but for now, Chaplain and Paladin don’t mix that well together because one class is static while the other is mobile. The same applies to Zealot and Paladin. Paladin is only a good match with Monk and Inquisitor, because some of their skills require them to be static for a while.

One class that totally dropped out of your roster but has some potential with Chaplain is Krivis. Aukuras can boost the damage you deal with your basic and skill attacks, and Daino provides some nice accuracy and block penetration boost for late game. Piety gives you a good filler skill with decent AoE (low range,though) and a low cool down time (the animation is annoying,though).
Zalciai boosts your critical damage.

Nope, that’s not true. He can easily build hybrid since Inquisitors magic absorb attribute also works for magic attacks. It probably won’t be as strong, but it allows far more build possibilities than being fully focused on a physical build and opens up more interesting class choices like Plague Doctor.

Finally im playing Chaplain / Inq / Zealot on a pure physical build. A few updates since my last post:

  • Now that im lvl 414 and some gear, i feel like im doing much more damage going STR/DEX than INT/SPR, so finally im building full STR.

  • Im using the lvl 380 Kedora gear from wings of vaivora, since im waiting to do EP11 and EP12 with a friend and get the Savinose gear. From acc, im using the free 330 necklace and bracelets that you can get during quests.
    What should be my next acc set? I know i can buy 380 “Carnis” set from mercenary badges shop, but it’s too expensive and i don’t know if its worth, or if i should keep my 330 cheap acc set until i can get true endgame accesories.

  • Im starting doing some raids with my friend (earth tower and former fantasy library), but once i enter earth tower for the first time, im required legendary raid portal stones thar aren’t the common raid portal stones to enter a second time. Where can i find / craft this stones? They are like 1.7M on market and i prefer to save that money, but also i want to give a try to the earth tower accesories.

  • How should i distribute my skill points in the cleric tree? I have 4/5 heal, 5/5 smite, 4/5 guardian saint and 1/5 fade. Should i go 5/5 heal or 5/5 guardian saint? What would give me more overall healing? Or 5/5 on both of them and let smite at 4/5?

  • I actually have only 2 arts learned: Torture expert fire from Inquisitor (for CM) and fanatic illusion blind faith from Zealot (for CM and questing). I just get 5 mystic tome pages from Earth Tower, which one should be my next art to learn?

Thanks you for the answers :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you farm Earth Tower Solmiki area 3 for accessories? It should be trivial to complete now, and they provide a good boost to your stats until you have something better. The free accessories from Astral Tower are a joke, a bit like the Kaze Seal you get for free.

Other options: Irredian Shelter set (Abyss Irredian) or Fantasy Library set.

Carnis set isn’t that expensive, it should be 60k badges or so per item, and you can earn 200k badges per week if you have a token, or 100k without, meaning you should be able to afford a set in two weeks.

Next step is either Moringponia or Drakonas. Note: if you want true endgame accessories (Luciferie), you will need a set of BOTH Moringponia and Drakonas. Here you have two options: wait for event to give free accessory boxes (there were two recently, maybe more will come in the future), or grind for them.

For Moringponia there is no catch: you need to do the Unique raid for Spirit Fragment: Moringponia x30 per accessory (Pyktis Bracelet x2 + Pyktis Necklace x1) and then the Legend raid (automatch is the easiest but there is gear requirement that you will not meet until you get the episode 12 rewards so you should do that first) for Moth Powder, which you will use to craft Moringponia Pyktis from the Pyktis acessories (this also requires Planium that you will have to farm on episode 11 maps).

But here’s the problem: the Drakonas accessories require an ABSURD amount of grinding and farming to craft. And by absurd, this will probably take you YEARS to complete if you start now. If you see some in the market, ABSOLUTELY buy them. Same if you see an event rewarding with Drakonas accessory box(es). Also something to consider: if you want to craft Luciferie accessories, you will have to aim for the Luciferie Pridetti set for AA build (note that the set increases all stats so it’s good for either physical or magical AA build) and that set requires Drakonas Kite Moor set, which by itself is pretty bad. So you should probably get the Moringponia Pyktis set first.

If you’re still up to farming for Drakonas, here are the steps (and good luck):

  • get Fyrmes accessories (1/1 million chance from WBR cubes which you can obtain probably 1-3 per week at your level, and that’s if WBR is even accessible at level 400)
  • get Svijes accessory recipe (same method), craft the accessories using Zircon (farmable in Hunting Grounds), Ominous Spirit Pieces and Fragments (from WBR cubes, but with 90+% chance so you will be bathing in these)
  • get Kite Moor accessory recipe (same method), craft the accessories using Ithildin Ore, Ominous Spirit Crystals and Minerals (same as above – HG + WBR cubes)
  • get Drakonas Kite Moor accessory recipe (purchasable from Templar Master for 80 Boruta Medals which you also get from WBR rewards, or randomly given by opening Kedoran boxes you can purchase from mercenary badge shop)
  • get Rangovas accessories (from Former Fantasy Library raid, or purchasable from Wings of Vaivora coin shop)
  • FINALLY craft your set of Drakonas accessories with Kite Moor + Rangovas + magic stones (you can get those from WBR rewards as well, or from killing the Irredian Shelter bosses sometimes)

I did all that for a set of Lynnki, I can tell you this will never happen again…

(note: I don’t remember precisely, but there HAS to be a way to speed up the process – probably invoving Kedoran box lottery or fishing, and of course checking the market/shouting periodically)

I would stop at that point because 1) currently crafting endgame accessories require +10 enhancement and +10 transcendance on both sets and you won’t probably have the resources for that while future plans didn’t mention anything about that requirement and 2) currently crafting endgame accessories require 4 arch stones which will be reduced by a lot in a future update.

You don’t need that, doing ET once a week should be enough to get the accessories quickly. You get legend stone recipes randomly from doing challenge modes, but it’s a very low chance. If you want to speed up the process, just buy from market.

5/5 heal 1/5 smite 5/5 guardian saint 1/5 fade 3/5 cure
Smite is a horrible skill, you only put one point to activate the attribute that boosts your physical damage for 60s.

Now, hold on there.

It’s true that Smite doesn’t do much damage, and a “filler skill” isn’t exactly necessary on an AA build since one of your most consistent forms of damage is a 0 cooldown, 0 sp cost attack. However, with the attribute to Guardian Saint that greatly reduces your Healing stat in exchange for 10% more physical skill damage, it seems more worthwhile to max out Smite and keep Guardian Saint at lvl 1, just for that attribute.

The way I see it, more damage is more damage. May as well max out Smite.

Actually, I take back what I said earlier. Having a filler skill is good on a lategame AA build because of the nature of the Saint Oath armors.

you know that you do not put Saints Oath on a build that is 1/3 basic attacks and 2/3 skill attacks.
Most of your damage will still come from Zealot & Inquisitor, so why cripple yourself?

A basic attack build would use Chaplain + 2 buffer classes.

To be honest, after testing Chaplain in its current state, I must say that while it is strong, it is hindering any equip-building because it does not benefit from most equipment while its specialized equipment does not benefit any other class in the Cleric tree.
It’s actually so bad that Chaplain should become its own tree (like Scout) or be completely overhauled so Wind ark, Saints Oath and the specialized luciferi set can be removed from the game.

And Smite is really bad, lvl 1 is enough. I had it level 6 fully invested and it still didn’t deal enough damage even coupled with Conviction debuff and strike property boost.
The Cleric skills do not matter for the most part because aside of Heal and Guardian Saint, the levels are meaningless.
Cure I have completely abandoned after never using it, since most debuffs that matter cannot be removed or disable you,so you can’t use Cure (Ragnarok Online solved this issue with the Gentle Touch:Cure skill, but Cleric isn’t allowed to self-heal, so Cure is meh),
Fade is useful in some instances at a higher level, but normally you only need level 1 for the iframe attribute, and Smite is as stated above only for the 60 second 10% physical damage boost.

Generally I tended to put enough points in Fade so I could cheese through some contents (daily dungeons, Velcoffer raid, field questing see some uses for a higher duration of invisibility), but it doesn’t really matter that much. If you feel annoyed by long-lasting poison and have no other skill to remove it, getting Cure to lvl 3 is probably the best option for the leftover points.

future plans state so far drakonas + moringponia set (no trans,no upgrade) + 1 violettin crystal (so only 1 arch stone for the whole set) +72 scorched tel harsha valuables (which is 6 weeks of Tel Harsha stage 7). So yeah, the cost reduction is immense (no T10 requirement for Karaliene saves around 200 blessed gems, and only 1 violettin crystal instead of 4 saves another 210 blessed gems if I remember that correctly).
I’d still not try to build a drakonas kite moor set, since the developers are going to touch Chaplain again. getting a Moringponia Pyktis set is probably the best solution (or a cheap abyss irredian set), it can at least be resold once the patch hits and everyone and his grandmother will be crafting luciferi sets.

it’s not available till at least level 450(I tried it with one of my 445+characters once a while ago, said my level was too low to enter).

Since i hit 440 and got my EP12 savinos disnay long name gear, im investing more on Zealot/Inq spells and getting a lot of damage there, but my main damage source is still the little uptime window with Binatio + Empathic Trust and some good Visible Talent stacks, I feel like im doing more damage hitting the wheel using Binatio and all my AA buffs, than hitting the wheel using Ripper or God Smash.

Im only using Smite for the 10% DMG buff, but Cure isn’t even on my hotkeys. 200 SP for a 10% chance to remove debuffs with 1/5 point seems so underpower. Probably if i go 5/5 Cure and invest some attribute points i can get good chances of removing debuffs, but honestly i didn’t feel that need of removing debuffs while leveling. Only hard CC debuffs like petrify, but i can’t use Cure while im under CC. So thats why i have points in Smite, just because Cure is even worst and, Fade attribute has the same duration even if i increase the Fade duration with some skill points.

Im focusing on buy my Carnis from merc badges and farm Moringponia Pyktis first (should i try to do legend lepidoptera or can i farm the moth powder from unique lepidoptera?)

Then maybe i will see how to get a Drakonas Kite Moor set and start a Karaliene future project, but thats not my n1 priority atm. Im trying to do something like:

Buy Carnis > Enhance Carnis to +6 or +11 and use it > Farm Moringponia Pyktis > Start farming slowly the Drakonas Kite Moor and look for some info about how to get this set fast.

If i have a lot of blessed shards at the time i complete my Kite Moor set, maybe i will TRA10 the Drakonas + Moringponia set to craft the Karaliene, or maybe i just stay with my Carnis set until Karaliene requirements get reduced.

Unique raid gives fragments, at 30 you get to choose a recipe for the unique Pyktis set so you need 90 fragments for the set. Best bet is the solo version, but I didn’t check the difficulty in ages. For the Moth Powder, you need to do the Legend raid, automatch is easiest, but has requiremements you need to check first. Moringponia Pyktis requires the unique Pyktis to craft, plus Moth Powder.

If you can fulfill the requirements to automatch, I suggest running it, you will be able to buy the normal pyktis recipes for mercenary badges as soon as the next big patch with goddess equip/etc. hits and unique raids are deleted (aside of the quests).
If you can buy the legendary pyktis accessories from the market before that for a decent price, you can obviously opt to do that instead.

About Chaplain dealing more damage than Inquisitor: That’s actually an illusion. Chaplain won’t do more damage than Inquisitor hitting the Breaking Wheel if you’re invested in Ripper and have the Inquisitor Vaivora, the damage difference is already high and it will become even higher in the future when the 10m damage cap is gone, allowing Ripper to hit beyond the 10m cap when critical hits occur with enough attack, since it ignores more defense than basic Chaplain attacks do with the Capella Trust buff active.

The only time when Chaplain deals more damage is if you are either badly invested in the Inquisitor sector, or you have an absurdly high additional damage total. That’s because you can only splash 10 basic Binatio attacks (Binatio counts as two hits, and Breaking Wheel can at most spread 20 hits), which have in total a lower SFR% than Ripper alone, ignoring the fact that Ripper also gets enhanced by three factors (consecutive hit sequence, Jugdment debuff and Inquisitor vaivora effect after 3 times God Smash).

You can reach a similar level once you can max out the Chaplain vaivora effect (50000 additional damage required for the +100% Binatio damage boost), but intil then, Ripper will always be better, and it will also be faster since Binatio is very slow, making it a very bad way to deal damage for many contents that require moving more frequently to not lose stacks (Tel Harsha/Moringponia solo for example) or buffs (last weeks WBR with buff removal on lightning was a disaster for Chaplains).

I’m building a similar character (Krivis-Chaplain-Zealot), should I use 2h-Mace or 1H-Mace&Shield for extra def?

If Chaplain no longer has the attribute that increases Additional Damage based on your shield’s defense stat, you may as well take a 2H Mace for the damage. I’m not so sure about which two Vaivora Visions you should take, though. Chaplain’s is probably required. You’d then have to choose between Krivis’s, Zealot’s, or Echo.

I think I recall seeing a screenshot of someone using that exact build to reach unusually high damage in a practice run of Weekly Boss Raid, so it must be a great build.

I’ll definitely choose to use Chaplain’s Vaivora, Sacred Armor. And yeah, 2h-Blunt really got some nice buff over the attack speed, you can really attack fast if you have high DEX, so I went with that too. Thank you for your advice.
One more question though: Is maximizing Aukuras relevant for the late game? The additional damage bonus is flat and doesn’t seem to be influenced by other buffs like Fanaticism… I’m asking because I’m currently undecided between maximizing Aukuras or Daino. I don’t remember ever having a problem with mobs evasion or block before, so I don’t know if Daino would be useful too (for PvE of course, I don’t PvP at all).