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New player SP problems

Hello guys
I’m new to the game, i’m levelling a swordman as a first character, lv 185 right now, I’m only doing quests but I got some serious SP problems. I got 2085 SP but I can’t kill 20 mobs becouse I always run out of it.
I can barely do a quest and then have to build a bonfire and wait 3 minutes to recover. Not fun at all…
I bought the potions from the merchant but they are very expensive and on long cooldown.
what am I doing wrong?

i hope we have new sp issues drama again. :kissing_heart:

back to topic, buy sp recovery potion. This game is that hard.

sorry I don’t want to start any drama but as I stated before I’m new to the game, didn’t know this was a real problem…
I’m gonna buy more potions then, thx man

ps. potions are not fun

Buy potions from the market, not from npc.
Use your popo points to buy elixir pots too (this is an occasional, periodic/repeating event) , in case you are not aiming to get anything else.
Some quests give keistas pots too, use those occasionally too.

Gradually increase your damage attributes too (this increases sp consumption though, but it should compensate for the damage you dish out… i guess). This game has different events that give attribute points. Doing the right quests also gives you attribute points too.

Finally, there are classes to really avoid if you want a character that spends less sp.
cough dragoon cough

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oh I can’t use the market becouse I’m new, 4 days left, very annoying…
playing swordsman-highlander-doppelsoeldner
gonna check what are this popo points

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I would recommend to focus on questing early on, as the objectives are simple and don’t require you to spam skills like you would if you were grinding.

You can purchase firewood from the item merchant and make a fire in rest mode which will boost your sp when you sit near it.

Otherwise, you can buy potions from the market, or in your free time quickly make an alchemist to class 15 (should only take a 2-4 hours if you spam quests) and use that alt to craft potions.


Also try to focus your build on specific skills. Don’t invest in 10 level 1 skills when you can invest in 4-5 level 5-10 skills. Watch out carefully for attributes, some can increase SP consumption by as much as +100%. Use SP potions constantly, not only when you’re out of SP (if you do quests you’ll literally bathe in low level SP pots which will become obsolete pretty quickly, so feel free to spam them even if you still have 80% SP left).

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thanks guys, at the end I made an alchemist and crafted some “better” potions, now I can do quests without waiting…

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if you still use firewood then try grilling fish caught from fishing at the pond, it gives some sp/hp recovery buff for 10 mins


Welcome, I hope you’re enjoying the game so far.
As I don’t have many characters and haven’t leveled up in a while, I will leave a recommendation here. This topic, by Pokart, may have something you’re interested in:

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That’s not hard, it’s just a boring restriction and an easy way out.

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Make a alchemist to lv88 to a newbie, farm uosis at lv223 > hard.
Buy potion at x5 to x10 its material price > still hard.

And what I was calling hard is the “sp comsumption” (His problem).

Huh… times changed I guess. Back before re: build, you can actually auto attack and grind/quest up to near lv300. Do you buy pardoner’s buff? Just making sure.

If I remember correctly, you should get some SP pots when you advance class. Are those not helpful? (I haven’t level up any new characters since re: build, I’m not sure how different the game is now)

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