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New player questions, please help

Hi guys.
I’m be quick here, what I want to know is:

  1. What is the max character level?
  2. Can I do all que main and side quests without stopping to grind xp halfway?
  3. Is it possible to do all these quests in around 50 hours?

My thanks to anyone that could help me. =D

Max lvl is 450

And yes to both questions (well, im not sure if you can do ALL the side quests in under 50 hours, gonna guess yes, main story quests im pretty sure you can), and actually, doing the main quests is one of the best ways to lvl up, not only you wont have to grind, you’ll be close to max lvl once you’re done with the main story quests, 420 to 450 does take some time tho

hey buddy thanks for the insight.
I got some 10 days until another game I want comes out so I guess I’ll try hit ToS.
If I end the quests while hitting 400 that a win for me.