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New Player - looking for some guidance

Hello everyone! I’m new to Tree of Savior. Just started looking into it not even a week ago and finally decided to install and play the game.

I never played Tree of Savior before in my life, I do know about it since many years ago but didn’t get the chance to try it out.
Lately it became like an obsession to learn and play this mmo.

But, I need some help. Been reading and watching youtube videos regarding beginner guides and such but the information is either to little or incomplete, as in a lot, but skipping a lot of important aspects that someone that never played would stumble into.

Is there someone around here that has some experience with the game and is willing to chat with me in private, like discord or anything else and be open for some spam beginners questions to answer for me :slight_smile: ?

Talking with someone first hand and literally get your questions answered would help tremendously.

Thank you in advance!

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Did you already join a discord server? Come DM me and i’ll invite you over. Lots of people can help you out there. BakedPotatoes~#0259

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Yes yes yes I am. I also have a cute ass avatar~

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