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New Player: Looking for Scout "Corsair > Enchanter > Thaumaturge" Skill Build and Guide

Hi, Saviors (Or is it Revelators they call us in-game?),

I just started the game and played for about a week, and I’ve been looking at builds to which I can start. I did try a few but I don’t feel confident since some of the builds have mechanics that suit experienced players here. So, I did find this which seems like a good beginner class (for me at least): Corsair > Enchanter > Thaumaturge.

I want to be able to solo (since I’m shy to join a guild considering I’m such a noob atm) and PvE, and probably be in a party when I’m able to join a guild. I just want to know if there’s a new build that I can follow? (I’m not quite certain if the builds that I see online are viable now cuz I’ve read the builds get updated often?)

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

isnt that is the Flagboi build?
that build is strong as a party buffer, but IMO u will struggle in solo weekly content like WBR - Tel Harsha Possibly get silver penalty in auto cm/ds too due to lack of dmg.

For myself, i started with SR-Enchanter + Rangda/Corsair/Linker/sheriff
it is an easy AA build than u can move n shot all the way on most quest line.

not sure if it had changed, but i once used 3x marionette card to nearly perma slow misrus n tel harsha. then kite them on the edge of my attack range. some of the mechanics (i don remember which) will not proc if the boss did not get into the activation range (need confirmation from those who know).

basic 2line str con ichor will do fine. standard 4line str con dex crit works well too. while the str con crit adddmg is very expensive to be made by urself.

I am sure there is other scout build too but i had not played them

Probably will check this, do you have a possible build that I can look into? I’m not really sure with the current skill sims I see around google cuz they’re like from 2019-2020. Is yours a pistol build?

Which server do you play? If you play in [SEA] Telsiai, you can join my guild, we’ll gladly help any enthusiastic newbie to progress forward.

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@7aniki I’m playing in [SEA] Telsiai server.

Cool, I’m glad you do welcome newbies like me :sob: and I’ll be happy to join a guild rn. I really need some guidance. I don’t know how you can add me though, it is by team name or my character name?

for me probably something like this

Free point is depend on your own. our current patch should have over-reinforce for enchanter, MAX that too.

Interesting, thank you for this. I will have this saved. I will probably have at least 2 toons in my team so I can study this build.

Off topic
Try a hunter build to spam weekly cm

Arba n Fletcher is easy for training at field due to the cd reduction from tree crystal… u can almost perma dead zone n cross fire full screen away to lure mob.

The extra 1k loot chance from hunter goes a long. Cheaper than thau 800 loot chance buff that need 100k++ attribute point. 1k loot chance generally yield me extra 50 Sierra powder…some extra nucle n primus

It is a viable build if u decide to stack loot chance buff as u got the newcomer buff of 2k

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@Devonne interesting. been looking at some archer classes too. apart from scout and wiz. Would try this class and build for sure. since I don’t have anything good yet, the loot chance might help me.

Did I get what you mean by “loot chance”? :smile_cat:

correct me if i m wrong, as i recall from reading google translated ktos patch notes…
At 10k loot chance it is +6% or x6% drop rate at field n cm for berthas primus nucle sierra. u will get extra material from cm. for each 1000 loot chance i think is about 100 nucle n 50 sierra… in turn u can sell them at market for extra silver. but do NOT intentionally roll looting chance on your gear as that is very expensive. your newcomer buff + hunter hounding + botanic acc set is enough

I recall reading an old wiki or patch notes that loot chance will work on all item available in hunting ground. i hope that it will work too in the the new upcoming so called “hunting ground”.

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By team name. Write your team name here, i’ll approach you

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Team name’s _Nobody. :sparkles:

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@7aniki if u wanna find me I’m currently in ch2 afk. Still unsure of what advancement to take :sweat_smile:

@Devonne do u think SR-enchanter-Thau can work? Or thau isn’t really that helpful? If that’s the case SR-Encha-Corsair will probably work. I kind of want to support a pt too in the future.

both build will work.
Corsair will deal more dmg mainly from brutality , a few extra attack skills. and the buff from flag.
Thau u will be CUTE , with tiny tiny abit more on nucle sierra drop form cm.

i don think it be that urgent for u now if u going for 1st SR-2nd Enchanter. u can try 1, if u don like it… u can swap with the class change voucher reward upon completing main quest EP12-1 and another at EP12-2

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Currently what’s your classes? I really am looking for a class advancement that can survive boss too - hope the SB-Enchan-Cor can help me for starting. I’m glad there are rewards for class change too.

i only have 2 scout toon atm.

SR-enchanter-thau (was SR-enchanter-corsair previously when questing before i hit 450)

as of now, only played them for daily cm.

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