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New player looking for Cleric info :)

Hi guys! I’m new in this game, I’m looking for advice about this build…
Will it work? Should I change something? What do you think about it? o.o
Oh and where should I put those 52 extra points? :sweat_smile:

should look like this right now, but might be object to change once we get the Krivis and Druid rework that makes Aukuras actually powerful in the build

Edit: from tomorrow, this build will be obsolete. You will need to check out the Druid changes and ask a Druid player what to do then, for the Krivis part, you can max Aukuras and take Zaibas at lvl 1 to make use of it to deal with some weak enemies via the arts, or you can max Aukuras and Zaibas at the cost of Daino since you get 5 extra skill points from lvl 440-460 you could invest into Krivis.

funny how ppl think this game still worth theorycrafting
nonetheless if you are up to be masochist that keep getting nerf here and there you are on the right track