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New player here, can't understand how class changes work

I started playing yesterday, I know nothing about the game at all. After leveling up to job 15 I got excited to choose an advanced class because there was a big button telling me I could, and I choosed Warlock. I didn’t got any class changing quests and couldn’t find the “Master” NPC on the city either - so I went to search about class changing and I got extremely confused, as no one seems to choose Warlock as their second class.
It looks like the quest does exist but I have to be level 255+ to do it, so I think I just messed up my character entirely?? I don’t know why it let me choose the Warlock class if I can’t become Warlock now, and I don’t know which classes I can actually become at my level (or if I should change classes at all, I saw people talking about keeping the character as Wizard for a while to open more skills).
I’m sorry if I’m being too noobie, I tried searching for answers but I can’t really understand anything and it seems that some sites are not very updated and I’m afraid I’m reading misinformation…

tl;dr: I’m Wizard and I want to become Warlock. Can I become one right away or do I have to choose other classes before getting there? If so, which classes I can choose now?

You can pick any class as your 2nd, with the exception of rune caster that needs a quest or a voucher to unlock and can only be picked as 3rd or 4th. If you wish to find your class masters, use the statue in klaipeda, it has the option to teleport to class master.

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You don’t need to do those quests to become the class, unless it’s a hidden class (like runecaster). You can do it later if you really want to.

When searching for information, a ton of it is very outdated, so be careful and stick to in-game or community resources.

Basicly you have 2 experience bars. 1 for your character level (the yellow bar) and 1 for class level (green bar). Atm your character level caps at 450 and class lvl at 45 (with the exception of your starter class which is 15).

At max class level you can advance into a new class up to a total of 3 (so your starter with 3 extra classes). When you choose your new class you get a new tab in your skill window for that corresponding class where you can level up your new set of skills. You also get a costume for that class that you can change into. The first class you choose really early in game but the second class you wont get untill you are around 200+ because it takes time to level up the class level. So be mindful of what class you wanna start out with, preferable a class with attack skills on short cooldowns or a good rooster of skills.

Now you also have to think about synergy between classes. Some work well together and some don’t. You should take a minute to browse for a good class build or check the mainpage top 100 classes to see what combination others use.

You can always change classes later in game if you want, in the advancement window. You have a gold bar that reach 3 stages by doing content. For each stage you can change 1 class of your choosing.

Hopefully this gives some insight into how classes work and gives you some basic knowledge to help you on your way =)

Nothing wrong in this choice. Warlock is a fun class. Early on you get the spirit skills which you explode on your enemies, then the big nukes for more damage.

That’s because Mistress Melanie is located in Mokusul Chamber. Go to the warp statue in any city and choose “go to master” if you want to visit her.

To change class, you need to accumulate 1000 class points that you can acquire either by playing the game (bar fills very slowly) or by purchasing a class change voucher (level 1 gives 100 points, level 2 gives 500, level 3 gives 1000). I don’t think wasting 1000 points to change your second class is very wise though – just play the game until you have your build (4 classes), you should have enough points then to decide if you want to keep Warlock or switch to another class.

That’s because Warlock is fun, but not meta. People will go for pyro-ele-tao or summoner build as wizard.

No you didn’t :wink:

That would be ill advised. If you stay as a Wizard, you will not gain any class experience and it would take way more time to level up your character.