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New player help with warlock build

Hi all, i’m new to this and am a huge fan of warlocks from DnD specifically a hexblade. I was looking for good class combos for a warlock build, it doesn’t have to be melee like a hexblade, would be a plus though. I saw that maybe Featherfoot, Shadowmancer, and Pyromancer would be good choice but i also know very little and would appreciate some insight, or even a better class suggestion for a hexblade warlock.

Your Warlock is unfortunately a pure spellcaster in ToS and you won’t be able to wield a hexblade… :wink:

As far as combos go, Warlocks go fine with most and have synergy with some:

  • Shadowmancer: dark theme; drawback: huge SP consumption
  • Featherfoot: curse/dark synergy in future patch
  • Onmyoji: Yin Yang harmony
  • Rune Caster: Pole of Agony scrolls

So here are a few builds you may try:

  • Shadowmancer + Featherfoot: “hex” mage (I’m pretty sure that’s what you want)
  • Shadowmancer + Bokor: dark mage
  • Shadowmancer + Alchemist: (somewhat less) dark mage with (somewhat) less SP problems :slight_smile:
  • Pyromancer + Rune Caster: DPS crafter
  • Pyromancer + Onmyoji

There are probably more. Looking at the top ranking (, Warlock seems no more played (best is #92 with the “hex” build mentioned above). That’s a shame… :sad:

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What do you mean by hex build? Are there going to be any changes to the dark property of certain classes? I thought only Bokor has hex and is the only skill that reduces dark property defence.

This is extremely helpful thank you so much, i’ll probably go shadowmancer + featherfoot or pyromancer onmyoji. That is a shame though not that many warlocks at least in the top rankings. maybe one day a magic melee hybrid will be possible but it seems they would have to add another base class.

Warlock was in #1 Wizard DPS Meta build for 2 or more years. You are late…

In this game i guess it would be dark magic with debuffs so yea bokor. As for hexblade it’s a warlock variant in DnD that allows them to wield melee weapons and hexing abilities and debuffs.