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New pet size, please keep it

All mounts (except Rocksodon) always looked hilariously small when you were riding them. Please keep this increased size. They all look way better… well except falcons.



Big pet is cool but small pet is cute…


I will fight you :tired:

they look so much better now, i love my giant pig :satisfaction:

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I second this. Mounts are supposed to be huge dont they?

I also like how bigger the rocksodon is lol

Yeah, make them huge! HUUUUUUUUUGE :distinguished:


Now i m a bigger target…

and after that decision, they will make a “Small Companion Event” hahaha

One can only dream :blush:

would love a mini penguin

If only we could pick the horse color…

Give option to let us pick better. I want large doge, but rocksodon is too big right now :tired:

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High fat pet food to buy from the Pet NPC to make them bigger.


rocksodon literally block my whole screen and the storage npc making it hard to click. lololol.

but i second this. big penguins are cute.

We don’t need bigger pets, IMC needs to learn from pokemon and go the extra mile…

we need…

Kaiju Mobs