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New patch experiences


Hi all, I always ask this when a big patch hits because unfortunately due to work and sports, I won’t be able to play till Wednesday night.

How are you guys enjoying the new contents? Anyone already 420? Anyone already tried out new synergies with new classes? Any new bugs? Any fixed bugs? (yea right…)

Share anything you can!


it fixed 90% of the UI so now I can play without having a stroke every second and no longer need to give up on life :blush:


This game is hopeless.

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I’m not enjoying much atm since I got a bunch of Wizards to respec…


I like your optimism :haha:


I loke it so far. Haven’t come across any major game breaking bug. Was skeptical but I was proven wrong (so far).

But then again I only farm sprouts and haven’t done the new quests lol.

What’s irritating IMO is the new solution for legend option stat. Takes quite some time to fill up and requires tons of it to make 1 option. But able to choose what option you want is neat indeed.

Oh one more. Usually with big updates some addons don’t work and needs to be updated. But in this case most of my addons work just fine.


I am loving in this patch. I can reset skill point and test more skill :slight_smile: moreover change class to enjoy new gameplay.


PVE new quest is still soloable
and is very discouraging to take up new quest which reward very high class exp and job exp BUT YOUR JOB LEVEL ALREADY MAXED, what a waste…


Gem Feud Channel full one second after start X_x

I love Sheriff <3


I plan to avoid quests till that changes and just do CMs to level


Speak for yourself. I only just got to 390 so my job level still is 41.


I’m just glad for now that sheriff isn’t as horrible as it was upon original release on ktest and that we got the buffed version of it.

I think I’ll at least save all new exp cards until master classes arrive, because I have a feeling that job levels will be a pain to get once they arrive.


Localization seemed better for some of the quests lines. Noticed some of the characters were given a little personality. But I didn’t read too far into the quests.

Gameplay… Solo questing was extremely easy. I get we want to avoid that expansion where everyone got one shot by the field mobs with homing attacks. But I’d like to see the difficulty increased.

----Quest effects
The paladin and chrono master teleporting in with crazy massive explosions was cool–the first time. Then it got a campy when it was overused. It’s like I get it they’re like DBZ SS4 hyper electric dragon cyber ninjas they don’t walk they move so fast they explode the world around them. I also kind of question why they even showed up. They saved the day for about 5 seconds. Then bamf just does what he wants anyway and leaves.

Wizard rework is an improvement. Gave me a reason to play with Featherfoot and I really like what happened with them. Necro is also more usable which kind of makes up for losing our +30% fire damage debuff on greater corruption. I think I would like to still see a little bit of a debuff to Taoist. And maybe buff Sage more or at least figure out what they’re doing with it… Buffing dimension compression’s AoE size would make me happy. If they can’t do damage I want them to at least have an amazing vacuum skill.

—Pamoka Solutions
Really like this idea of getting use out of XP after you’re at cap. See how I feel about the rate as I play around with them more. But gives purpose to the over abundant XP increase buffs… I mean we got like zone XP, team XP, worship XP, seed XP, token XP, party XP, tome XP, fortune cookie XP, cards. They probably don’t work with cards or quests but it’d be cool if they did, and they should.


Pamoka solution takes too LONG to fill up, done one full cm 5 solo and got only like 10-16%… and I’m supposed to fill up 6 more bottles for just one armor -__- besides using tomes etc how else can we optimize this?


PvP cc meta is still there, lots of cc/tank/dps/burst all at the same time on some builds.

Its already became boring. They left a LOT of the main unbalanced stuff and added some more. I hope the part 2 will make things better.


I feel it is getting harder to keep up as a single Cleric in dungeon. Not sure they buff the monster offense, but the shorter range of heal and SP consumption makes it difficult to have a single Cleric. Not sure how everyone feel.


UI fixed, more quest, maps and stuff to do is great and love it…

On the other side, the party ui bugs out and the piss colored bars is just wrong, that’s a NO NO please change back…

I also notice the game feels heavier on my compu now and freezes more constantly, specially if left alone running…


Respeced my wizards, I can tell I love the changes on Bokor-Warlock, it’s almost as good as when spirits could be generated from other spirits. Cryo-Kino is now a machine in PvE, the HP increase on the ice walls means you can obliterate bosses in no time. Didn’t have time to test PvP with it, we’ll see…

Shame we don’t get a skill/attribute reset potion with Archers, I’d like to test Leap (although it’s bugged atm – char jumps back to initial position after leaping).


Ok, finally got to play a bit tonight. The UI freezing bug is finally gone!! No more changing languages to Korean or Portugese…

Ardito is awesome, as expected. Sheriff on the other hand feels a bit underwhelming… It’s great when combined with linker, but most classes are too.

BTW, how are you guys farming for sprouts? I find the easiest way is to somehow get the buff and run Saalus many times. Grinding monster is way too slow!!!


I just do dungeon with my chars on 330 range and quest new maps with my main…

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