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New passive Base Class attributes


Because of how some stats became negligible/neglected over time and because of the still pretty rudimentary Class identity, I suggest implementing one new Class attribute for Cleric, Scout, Wizard, Swordsman and Archer Class.

The attribute effects would be focused on improving the Class identity while also providing a useful ingame effects that improve the general gameplay experience.


since Swordsman always tends to stand on the front lines and is in general supposed to survive through all ordeals, I’d like to make his Class mastery attribute focused on the stat HP Recovery.

Swordsman : Lionheart

  • increases the HP recovery by 0.5% per attribute level
  • when maxed, reduces the HP recovery time by 50%

As you can see, the attribute boosts HP Recovery, and when maxed, it reduces the time it takes to recover HP passively by an additional 50%. Combined with the 50% base modifier boost, you have more than twice the HP recovery of other Classes, and also recover HP twice as often (so every 10 seconds while standing and every 5 seconds while sitting), which makes it interesting for Swordsmen to stack HP recovery increasing equipment.


As Wizard in general is the Anti-Swordsman, it’s easy to imagine that I’m going to propose a similar attribute for SP Recovery.

e.g. Wizard:Eye of the Soul

  • increases the SP recovery by 0.5% per attribute level
  • when maxed, reduces the SP recovery time by 50%

Like in Swordsman, this will help Wizards with their SP costs as well as promoting SP recovery equipment to reduce time&resources spend on potions.

This will lessen the burden on both Classes considerably and might even lead to a point where, with enough investment, you only need to carry one type of potion with you, while the other stat is recovered naturally.


Since Archers are always the survivalists of the Class rosters in RPGs, I’m focusing on the survivalist aspect here. This means that Archers will have their medicine proficiency increased via attribute.

e.g. Archer:Natures Grace

  • improves the HP and SP recovered with potions by 0.5% per attribute level
  • when maxed, doubles the duration of the recovery over time-effect of potions

This means that not only will you have an increased recovery when using potions, but their effects will also last twice as long, making Keistas and Bernice potions more interesting for invested Archers.


For Scout we’ll have a different approach as it would be difficult to improve on his base stats without breaking the whole Class tree. That’s why I think increasing the debuff duration via the attribute could be a sensible approach to its Class identity.

e.g. Scout:Murderous Intent

  • increases the duration of harmful effects inflicted on the opponent by 0.5% per attribute level
  • when maxed, adds a minimum dodge chance of 20% when attacked by an enemy with a Scout debuff

As you can see, Scout will focus on survival by debuffing his enemy so he is weakened, thus making it harder for him to hit the Scout.
Some debuff effects would have to be re-balanced with this basic increase (i.e. e.g. stun duration) in PVP, but that’s a different topic that can be done by changing the PVP restrictions.


For Cleric, it is obvious that his Class attribute will be about Healing(the stat,not any skill).

e.g. Cleric:Purity of the Heart

  • increases Healing by 0.5% per attribute level
  • when maxed, reduces the SP costs of Heal by 30%

As you can see, what we have here is an attribute that basically provides a similar effect as the current skill Guardian Saint.

Of course, I don’t ask for Guardian Saint to retain its current effect. This attribute should replace the current effect of Guardian Saint and instead change Guardian Saint back to its Rank 7/Rank 8 skill effect.

Old players will probably still remember how Guardian Saint was able to transfer and reduce the damage taken by either the Cleric or another player in the party.

With the new target system (Heal,Resurrection), Guardian Saint could do pretty well as a defensive skill that can transfer the damage from another party member to the Cleric or vice versa.

The old attributes

Guardian Saint: Change Target

  • [Guardian Saint] selects you as the recipient of damage


Guardian Saint: Decreased Damage

  • Decreases damage taken when applied with a character’s [Guardian Saint] by 0.5% per attribute level
  • Increases SP consumption by 10%

could be revived, and the skill duration and cooldown time could be adjusted,
e.g. 6 seconds duration per skill level, 60 seconds cooldown.
The hit-limit (i.e. the amount of hits that can be transfered before the buff ends prematurely) could be removed or adjusted as well, e.g. transfers a maximum of 3 hits per skill level.

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I felt like reading m*****tory RED update when ever I saw “unique passive-like on every class” idea. TOS class is much unique as they are now. The idea to add attribute to base class would make the whole class tree playing the same playstyle.

In the other hand I love the idea make base class adaptability on each armour type to make more potential.


Meh, reading this just make me wonder. Did you ever think on pvp balances?

i will not explain much, just look at scout and cleric suggestions.

And i feel that the base classes already have decent uniqueness, they are there as a start point and not as a pillar for your build.

i can’t think in a way to not narrow down the play styles giving passives on base classes.