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New Monk class attributes and skill arts sugggestion

Monk is one of the few interesting Cleric classes that excels in close-quarter fighting, but it is still pretty limited in its use because it is generally too limiting on the build due to its low attack range and forced onto one handed maces.
To counter these weaknesses I suggest adding the following:

  1. Replace Monks class attribute “Two-handed Blunt Mastery: Monk”

Not only is Block Penetration a useless stat for PVE content since most monsters do not block, including endgame boss monsters, Monk also is featured as a class that uses one handed maces, as all maces that interact with Monk skills in this game are one handed maces:

  • Suncus Maul (all Monk skill levels +2)
  • Skiaclipse Mace (all Monk skill levels +2)

Best would be an attribute that allows Monks to ignore a part of their enemies defense when attacking while wielding a one handed mace since Monks excel in dealing precise attacks that exploit the weaknesses of their opponents (One-Inch Punch, Palm Strike & Hand Knife all do this),
and wielding a one hand mace will make it easier to deal these precise attacks.

The attribute could look like this:

Monk: Pressure point

attacks ignore 20% of the enemies defense when equipping a one-handed blunt weapon

Another thing I’d like to suggest is a new skill art for Double Punch. Currently, Double Punch is a filler skill that is not really useful for either basic attack builds that use Chaplain or other builds that use it for fillers since it is a fake multi-hit skill with a limited attack speed gain due to the fixed animation delay.

The new skill art would change this into a new stance that allows you greater use at the cost of your shields defense:

Double Punch: Martial Arts
Changes the animation of Double Punch;
Weapon and shield are no longer visible while in Double Punch stance, and the attack animation is simplified to allow quicker successive attacks.
The defense value of your equipped shield no longer applies,but you are still able to block passively and actively (can recycle the dagger guard stance active block animation without a weapon and an overhead arm block), and in return, your two punches become two separate true attacks (which means they trigger additional damage hits and skills like Last Rites and Aspergillum on both attacks).

If someone else has more to add,feel free to post something below