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New Monk Class Art: Spiritual Overpowering

Who knows it not, the martial artists who raise their spirit in order to become more powerful than the enemy?
It’s been popular in old stories in East Asia as well as modern pop culture, with more recent examples like Dragonball that excel in it.

In this light and due to the fact that Monk is a Cleric class, the tree that focuses on the SPR(spirit) stat, I suggest a new class art for Monk that reflects the fact that he is indeed a Cleric and that his unshaken spirit can be used to overwhelm the opponent.

The new art should do the following:
It adds a certain percentage of defense ignore effect to all attacks based on how much SPR stat the Monk has compared to the enemy, with the requirement being that the Monks SPR stat has to be higher than the enemies to have any effect.

Here is what I’ve come up with:

Spiritual Overpowering

requires Monk class level 45
ignores 0.1% per art level of the enemies defense for every 50 SPR the Monk has more than the enemy
maximum art level: 20

In total you can get a 2% defense ignore effect per 50 SPR you have more than the enemy.

This sounds like a lot, but since the Monk class heavily reduces your natural SPR gain per level, you actually need to invest a lot into SPR gear to get a significant output.

This makes the art both balanced and rewarding for investment, while further deepening the focus on spirit in Monk (he already has a little focus in the form of the extra damage of One-Inch Punch that calculates the extra damage per tick by the difference in SPR between Monk and enemy).

P.S.: It would be cool if the art could give you some sort of aura effect when charging up Energy Blast as a bonus