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New lazy SR player looking for build

Hi, i am new and i was currently in a middle of a build and id like to review my option.
I am currently scout / SR with a lazy auto attack build and id like to continue that way.
I had in mind to go with the famous sr /enchanter / thaumaturge or
sr /enchanter / assassin or
sr /enchanter / rangda??
any lazy build is perfect since i am listening/watching podcast at the same time and also i am lazy.
what are your recommendation why ? :slight_smile: Thank you

seems enchanter is a must in SR builds so for 3rd class(rank based on personal preference):

Linker - more on single target/bossing
Rangda - good on melting, decent AoE
Outlaw - dodge build with really good AoE (+points for coolness)
Sheriff - if you want some burst
Thauma - if you want to press 1 button(need to have good gear/pistol to make it worth)

Assassin is meh…all skills will make you dismount.

Either Thauma or Linker if you really want lazy build.

Also warning: SR is not really good in any content except leveling. Even heavily geared, your damage will be below average compared to other scout builds.