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New item idea to improve the game

new item idea:

-gem extraction toolkit
remove gem without losing level of gem.some skill gems is so rare and lv 10 is such hugh investment and losing gem or level because of this is such a can actually remove the penalty of removing gem, but this item is acceptable solution as well.

-weapon appearance extraction toolkit
some weapon appearance is just so rare.especially some old one and some that designed by players.its gonna be nice to be able to extract this weapon appearance for another weapon to use.there can also be weapon appearance transfer feature.either way is acceptable

-new gem:purple gem
weapon/acc/shield = atk(both patk/matk)
shirt/pants = hp
glove/boots = sp
this gem will be for hybrid class like cleric.or any other class/build that want their gear like shield/weapon accesory to be more flexible.the patk/matk value is somewhere around 70%(?) value of red/blue as a drawback.the hp value perhaps somewhere around 2k-2,5k at 10*, and the sp value can perhaps somewhere around 1k at 10*.

-new gem:pink gem
weapon/acc/shield = healing
shirt/pants = hp recovery
glove/boots = sp recovery
a healer really dont need that patk/matk imo.this will be a treat for them.we also doesnt have any hp/sp rec boost in gem so why not.hp/sp recovery is actually needed for some skill which rely on it like recupero or ice wall art.

-card removal kit
remove all card at once without penalty.a feature to remove all card at once while still paying penalty will be nice as well

-enchant transfer scroll
this can be a feature or item.the point is transfer hc stats into a different hc.most times you got good stats but meh will be nice to be able to transfer it to our favorite hc.

-vakarine blessed warp scroll
this is a touch up for current map scroll.this let you warp to the entrance of almost every map with 100% completion in game even without vakarine statue exist in that map.

-teliavelis dismantle hammer
we got dismantle hammer long ago for different purpose.this time around this item let you dismantle gears almost everywhere.a reason to go to town.we still need to pay dismantlement price for teliavelis just to make sure everyone not abuse it if its free.this should be a quite easy to get stuff like maybe as daily reward, vaivora coin shop item,bernice,mercenary shop or as bloater item in cubes

-mistes goldmund buff scroll
another reason to go to town which is getting pardoner buff.this scroll simply grant 4 pardoner buff at max level without attribute which is lower than player pardoner but at least sufficient.or it can extend duration current pardoner buff to the maximum again.will be nice addition if we are dead but and we can reapply pardoner buff.this should also be easier to get like above item.

-storage scroll(timed)
this should be a grande item when you no longer need pardoner buff or dismantle gears with those two items above.urgent repair kit remove necessity of repair.and yeah you can make it pricy as tp item.its letting you access storage almost everywhere.

-book of build or whatever the name will be
i hope if we reach an endgame, and after there will be no more stuff to spice up class system, this item can exist.basically this item let you save your build.maybe 2 build(1 current build+1 extra) for no token and 3 build for token user(2 extra build to save).this can be an endgame item that everyone can have, or, it can be fully tp item(though negative feedback is highly predictable).so i think let free players to get at least 1 build to save for free lol.


I love your ideas but I would prefer a weapon costume SLOT not a tp item to fix a tp problem


patk/matk can be converted via [Arts] Cloth Mastery: Healing (though only 5%)
so it has an actual use for “healers”.
It would be better for IMC to move away from putting more healing equipment out there, which will only result in further reduction of healing skill SFRs and healing value in PVP, and instead boost the value of a few items to not make the life of non-healers any worse for the sake of balancing insane amounts of recovery with further reduction mechanics.

helps with the influx of gems into the market so other players can use them once you do not need them any longer.

might be useful for TP weapon skins that are lost forever once the game progresses to new gear tiers. Nothing wrong with adding this to the TP shop so IMC can earn some money while your money spent on the game doesn’t lose its value later on.

Is viable since the new 430 equipment tier provides more block/evasion/defense boosts than gems, so getting more hp and sp from gems is actually better than just having yellow gems.
Has a strong contender in the form of monster gems,though, so low values might not make the gem interesting enough to invest into.

that would be a too good to be true solution that everyone would ve wanted including me as well. like having them implemented pet doesnt consume any character slot and its unlimited. the best we get for waiting for so long is pet slot doesnt consume character slot but the amount is limited to how much character we have so its still rely/limited on how much character slot we have. and for this weapon appearance transfer as tp, its expected not to be a high grade item. this should be at least a b class item.or even sold as exchange shop item.