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New Inquisitor, looking for advise!

Hello guys,

I am leveling a Cleric-Inquisitor, got few questions :

  • Pear of Anguish or Breaking Wheel ? The Wheel deal a lot of Damage but is it viable in PvP (TBL) ?
  • The Scissors are broken or what ? Sometime it disapear instantly after the 1rst attack, sometime i hit 3-4 times before disapear …
  • I want to make a Cleric->Inquisitor->Priest->[…], wich class should i take for the 3rd ? I am hesiting between Druid (Chortasmata, Thorn & Lycanthopy) or Krivis (Aukuras, Zaibas & Divine Stima). Also, PDr and Zealot look very strong.

Forgot to ask something, about the gear, if i build a Cleric INT (Damage Dealer), 2H Mace or 1H Mace + Shield or Rod + Shield ?

Thank you for read my post, Gl HF !

Breaking Wheel, if you have the attribute you can hit the wheel to deal damage in a wide range and attacking more mob, if you have the torture expert attribute you reduce the cooldown of the skill per monster killed by the wheel, you can leave PoA at lvl 1. The wheel can be useful on PvP, but you need Malleus Maleficarum to kill mages, that’s more important for pvp

that’s lag or you don’t press the skill button long enough, you need to keep the button pressed for the scissors

it depends on what you wanna do, druid is good additional damage, Krivis only has Zaibas to deal damage, you’re gonna lack skills to deal damage while your inqui skills are on cooldown, Druid and Krivis are magical classes, if you wanna be a tank healer PD is a good option, zealot is a good physical to mix with Inquisitor

it depends on your build too, if you wanna be a healer 1H mace are good, cleric has an attribute that increases the healing factor when using 1H mace, if you go for a magic damage dealer you can go rod, 2H mace is good for pure damage builds

Oooh yeah, i didnt read carefully Malleus Maleficharium, it look insane (God damn it, they should do something for the name of this skill …) ! Should i max it or 1/15 is enough ?

Mostly, Druid is for Thorn (CC) and Chrotasmata (Heal).
About Krivis … for the costume ? Haha… More seriously, i started ToS with a Krivis few months ago, then stop until now, what i remember, the damage was very nice, the firecamp added a huge amount of fire damage to my attacks, it could be a nice combo with Zaibas & Breaking Wheel.
From what i heard, PDr is god in PvP. Not sure yet, idk if i want to be a Support or a DmgDealer with some support spells .
I will think about it during i level up my chara.

Thank you very much for answer my questions, very helpfull !

part of the damage from Maleus comes from the magic attack of the target, the higher the skill the more bonus damage you make, at lvl 1 you make 6% of the target magic attack, at lvl 10 54% and lvl 15 90% besides the damage of the skill, and the attribute burns sp of the target, if you go for a pvp build then at least lvl 9 or 10

look you have a physical class, and a support class, you can pick whatever you want, but have in mind you’re gonna need stats to compensate, to have a good amount of both types of damage physical and magical. Yeah PD is a good tank/healer class for pvp, even when its offensive skills are magical, they have low skill factor, but long overtime damage so you don’t need high M.Atk, you have immunity against debuffs and more healing to survive

Remember you still can create another character and make it Krivis, so you don’t really have to be Krivis with this one, and you can pick other clases to go with it

Yeah, i still have my character Krivis, Lv 130 Krivis+Druid for now. I plan to make him as Krivis+Druid+Dirbdiedrysidy (The guy with the statues).
But Inquisitor look very cool, 2H Mace, kind of Warrior/Support, Fanatic who punish the impur heretic, i like it !

Pear of Anguish is garbage, max your wheel. Also if you plan on doing pvp with an Inquisitor, don’t forget to put points into Iron Maiden :wink:

You need to press the skill hotkey constantly. If you lag or get interrupted by mobs, the skill will stop working.

So half DPS, half support. I can’t recommend anything here, as probably any class would fit that build. Just choose depending on the route you want to take.

Remember that Inquisitor is STR based, if you want to build an INT based cleric you should not pick that class, but Exorcist instead. In fact, I’m sure what you are looking for is Cleric-Priest-Druid-Exorcist build.

The question about the Gear is for my other character, a Krivis+Druid, idk wich set of weapons is the best for INT DD Cleric.

But yeah i am more on my Inquisitor right now, know nothing about this class. I guess 2H Mace is better for an Inquisitor who want to deal good damage.

For the last class i have to pick for my Inquisitor, from @robert.rojastapia 's advises, Plague Doctor if i want to be more support or Zealot if i want to be more aggressive.

Thank to answer my questions @draconis .

nobody does this anymore ever since it has been discovered you just need to hold the button pressed.
It’s basically a channeling skill