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New influx of players due to Maplestory 2 closure?

What do you think.

Seems like they’re already trickling in and with it completely closing at the end of May, we might see another spike of players during that time.

everyone just love making more alts
or new people just love playing with incentives, in this case gambling with those wheel
im not even tempted to waste my time doing those chores just for a tiny dipsh*t chance to get giltine wing etc.if it was like the old stamp tour with no rng involved maybe im interested a bit.
i cant even check the wheel pages again now doesnt seem to exist everyone having bad drop?? hahahaha

though, ms2 closure is perfect timing to jump in to new servers.

that’s quite sad, personally, it was a good game, with a great ability to edit objects and a pretty nice story, it had a lot of potential.
And well, I had a lot in common with ToS so a lot of new people are probably coming.

Maybe because of the Coronavirus that closed down schools and certain jobs.

its because we can wash hand even in tos,and some people just lazy to do it irl.
wait, the fountain is gone now, lol

hmmm… ms2 closure and new server in tos… do they plan this? :thinking:

To be fair while they had several good things in that game. They made a lot of mistakes how to work their player base

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agree with that.
that option to create edit visual itens , is the future of the mmo genre for a not p2w gameplay and overall cohesive gameplay, like you creating your own team outfits, guild outfits, gvg outfits , troll outfits to joke with your friends, different type of outfits for anything you can imagine and everything else that comes with it, is just epic, is like the next level of interaction in a massive multiplayer game, too bad that not a lot people seems willing to invest on it.
but i already see the future when a good mmo make this together with wonderful gameplay and put the two of them together, i can definitively see this becoming a trend for future generations, like something that every game from that point on needs to have as “must have function”.
the only question is if i’m gonna be alive to see it and i think i’m not. hahah.

ms2 rng is worse.i can bare tos rng.

Why this game is dead?
The answer: