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New here Plz help on onmyoji build

i start this game with a Wizard :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: class than in lvl 15 i pick up onmyoji is that ok :sweat_smile:
im new in the game :roll_eyes:
do i need to pick up other class before Onmyoji class :astonished:
and one last thing do ineed to use the class skills to have more skill point cuz in Wizard i use alot of skills but it stop give me skill point :thinking:
if eny one plz say it step by step thx for u all :relieved:
soory im bad English :upside_down_face: :innocent:

since you are new… first is, welcome to ToS :haha:

second is, onmyo is fine though. although you need requirement for use the skill (you can buy it at wizard / onmyo master at klaipeda). that class has many wide aoe, especially howling white tiger. max it first for max target count so you can easy mobbing.

dont forget to visit event board to take newbie box as soon as possible before you go lvling up, it will help you much.

about the other class, you can read it in here for reference :

oh yeah, do yellow quest only, they give much exp now.

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thank its nice from you :slightly_smiling_face: but im sorry :thinking: what this event u say about is it icon in my view or some npc i need to talk with ?

Wizard goes up to 15 class points and the other advancements go up to 45 class points.
When you hit 45 with your onmyoji you will be able to pick another class to combine with your character, like pyromancer, elementalist, rune caster, etc.

In order to participate in this event you need to collect the new year coins by killing monsters, going to dungeons, and so on. You can talk to the board in Klaiped and click on the New Year Event Shop to check the items available there. If you are still in doubt, you can check the news and read the full announcement there.

Still you can watch Immanece’s guide on youtube for newplayers and onmyoji builds there too.

If you need anything else, you can ask us again.

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thx alot :innocent:what u say help me alot :grin:

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Onmyoji is fine but I wouldn’t suggest choosing it as first class because all the skills require reagents to cast, which can be bought at Onmyoji master but are quite expensive, and you would have a hard time at low level where silver is hard to come by.

For your first class, choose something with good DPS but no (or few) requirements. Pyromancer or Elementalist is fine, and will have great synergy with Onmyoji later on.

The base class only has 15 skill points and 6 skills, so you will have to make choices there. Once you reach class level 16, all the new skill points you get will be devoted to the new class, you cannot spend more points in Wizard if you already spent 15 in the base class.

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which one has better AOE DPS?

Frankly I don’t know. Elementalist has Meteor which is a 30s CD screenwide wipe that can become a 4 OH screen wide wipe with arts. Hail is still mostly used for CC and not for DPS, Fire Claw should be stacked on single target for best effect, so this leaves Electrocute (decent, but limited in target number) and Storm Dust (good). For Pyromancer, you have Prominence with arts (66% uptime aura that OS everything), Fire Pillar (CC + AOE), Flame ground, Fire Wall, Hell Breath… so probably Pyromancer then. Ideally you want both in your build since Fire Pillar + Storm Dust and Flame Ground + Meteor have synergies.

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Flame ground+ meteor can be replaced with skia rune staff ichor(which is better because flame ground cant damage flying enemy). If only i have ART reset voucher i wont be forced to pick one from the other…

know that if u want go to onmyoji u must (imo) use wand or pick chrono, cuz onmyoji’s skill are long to cast :wink:

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thx :slightly_smiling_face:

thank u now im using 2h wand

2H wand? :smiley: 2H weapon is a staff :smiley: wand is only 1 handed weapon :slight_smile: u have talent in wizard tree -> rod mastery - casting time -50% when equipping a rod weapon :slight_smile: