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New healer player here, need help plz :)

Hello everyone !
So, I am a new player on ToS, playing with a friend atm (this friend is an old player but never played support). My goal is to go Full Support (really FULL support :D) and after spending hours looking on the net about different builds, I can’t decide which of the 2 other classes other than Cleric and Priest I should go for, because I simply can’t find an up to date Guide or Build. Every guides I found was from early 2019, before the last updates, and things have been changed a lot for skills apparently about popular classes like Oracle and PD for example.
My first choice was going Cleric, Priest, Oracle and Diev. The thing is apparently Arcane Energy have been nerfed hugely since now it only gives u back the SP and STA ONLY if you consume more ressources than what u had when the skill have been launched, meaning it looks like now a “take it or leave it” skill, if you don’t max it, it’s pretty useless. Am I wrong ?

About PD, I wasn’t rly enthusiastic about it at first (that mask looking just don’t go with the angelic looking of the character I wish to do, but that’s personnal opinion :p), but some skills like Healing Factor or Beak Mask seemed pretty good in fact. Then after looking at Beak Mask for example, it seems that now it doesn’t prevent from stun, bind, immobility and slow, but it was before right ? What a nerf ._.

Sooo I’m a bit confused now, I wanted to know if you guys think if Cleric, Priest, PD and Diev could work together, and if it’s mandatory to take Oracle or not now ? Is it still that strong ? One thing I’m sure about is I won’t let Priest go, so I’ll 100% sure take Cleric and Priest for a start, but wondering about the 2 others I should go for…

I would like your help for those choices please, concidering the last changes in the game. I won’t go other classes than the one mentionned though except if they are mandatory now ^^
Thanks !!!

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well, if you only look oracle from arcane energy only… those mostly not used (maybe some people used it too, dunno) But the real deal of oracle is 4 of this skill :

divine might : increase your all skill lvl by 1, applied until 15 skill used, good for party buff or even dps. Need max

Death sentence : easy 50% dmg increase (more with enhance attribut). Even reduced to half against boss, who didnt want it?

Foretell : reduced dmg by 30% on stationary place. Great for Challenge mode as you not run so far away. Even though cant reduced fixed dmg (like skia meteor 150k dmg)

Twist of Fate : Delete enemies hp by percentage. Up to 11m dmg. Good for last hit boss with high hp. Even though their hp will return, but with maxed attribut enhance, they only return 80% their damaged.

this is why priest oracle are popular combo support. the another additional is Diev for CD and sp cost reduction. With that people can burst / use skill all the time, increasing their DPS.

hope this helps ;3

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if this the class you gonna make from fresh char… i suggest to use exo priest oracle / exo PD priest first. Exo will help you to easy grinding / questing while PD can help you travel across map. then after lvl 420 (because skia raid lvl require) or 440 (dimension crack and weekly boss) you can change class to full support. The equip itself are lvl 400.

here the skill distribution for exo

about your question :
cure is 100% remove debuff and chance to remove another. But mostly people not even care about debuff at pve content. so 1 point is enough. Properchy is enough (with attribut you can boost pt dps too)

Monstrace are kinda so-so. Works well at PVP content (many people build evasion now) while boss are not much evasive. You have world tree skill from Diev too, can both reduce evasion while chance to silence enemies. (the chance are same with lvl increase)

im not sure counter spell and foretell stack, i assume yes. Since counter spell are for removing enemies magic circle not for reduction dmg,

Carve Owl not much use to be your dmg…cuz you will be busy healing and supporting party. So the only choice is carve world tree for extend the duration ;D

the rest of point is up to you. Since you already cover all the basic needed skills

Aww my posts have been hidden ._. maybe because of the links on tos guru ?
Oh well, thanks vm for all those precious infos and for the help and your time spent !! Really appreciated

Here is a build I just made, following your suggestions and my ideas of playing the char : (Hope this link won’t be hidden ^^’)

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This was really helpfull!
I am also new and I was looking exactly the same. I will try this and bring feedback or any suggestion.