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New forum addition (2nd of June 2016)

Am i the only one who thinks it is an eyesore?
At least it is very poorly aligned and is irritating.

I liked old controls better.


The reply button there is redundant - there is already reply button on every post and at end of thread.
And its imprecise - there is high probability that you will reply to wrong person if you use it.

Tracking option is also redundant since we already have it at end of thread.

i thought my browser broke when i saw this ‘change’, i too prefer the old little buttons to get to the bottom of pages instantly.

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I thought the same thing.

The control is poorly aligned when you have a browser window wider than the content area, and the control jumps around when you reach the top and bottom of the page.

If they fix those bugsthe control will be acceptable, but I still prefer the old buttons.

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I can live with it but I hate it…:unamused:

It sucks btw :expressionless: