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New features + GTW changes

  1. PoPo Race Track
    Make a small racetrack with robotic popos that people can place bets on in Fedimian at certain hours, would be a fun distraction and a lot of people are gambling addicts in this game already

  1. Weekly ToS Fashion Contest
    Given alotta ppl spend time in tos dressing up their chars this seems like no brainer, you can make it so people take a picture of their char in the hair salon or something, then it lets people vote on the best dressed with the winner getting Gabija coins

  2. Revert GTW + some tweaks
    Current GTW favors large guilds over smaller, revert player cap to the original, but change it so a guild can only capture 1 map at a time with different maps offering different rewards

  3. Let people change class at will + move attribute points between chars for free


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