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New developer blog post is confusing


Some of them are already implemented (like feud coin requirements). But they use “will be” on some features. Were they already implemented or not? (Since I’m not a member of any guild anymore - I could not verify guild related changes).


I think everything was added during this week’s patch or already added before (like Feud rewards). The only thing I didn’t check yet is this: “Earth Tower will be divided into units of 5 floors each, and players will be free to choose which floors they wish to challenge”. Because that was NOT in the patch notes and definitely not added before.

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So, the Barnice and Uphill changes already applied with the latest patch? I couldn’t try them because of the new HG hype since 2 days but I’ll try to check them after work this afternoon.

I think “Rewards and Convenience Updates” part is a bit mixed. It says they will be come with “next major update” but some of them are already implemented.


I just did uphill 10 run for class change point yesterday. Could’ve changed with ninja patch today(?).


Rewards and Convenience Updates

Along with the two new features introduced this week, we will also be providing revisions for rewards and introducing convenience updates with the game’s next major update. Read on below for details!

Uphill, Bernice and ET is coming with the next update


The problem here, is that some features are already in game, and other will be added later. Confusing dev blog, for sure.


And yeah, guild features are already implemented.


The only problem here is IMC not playing her game, since a lot of changes what was made in kToS we already have it since Re:Build Patch.

The latest optimization of the game is already working inside our clients and I not saw this in patch notes lmao.


dev blog and dev team are 2 separated team. :joy:


That was included at the end of the “other changes” section under " General": “A patch that addresses minor stability and optimization issues will be applied to the game client”

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