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New Classic Server in 2020 Perhaps?

I might want to suggest to open a new server with all the classic mechanics?
It brings all the excitement back then and though my last suggestion that I contributed ruined the game. Current game turned out kill style instead of passing and going through all the dedicated story line. Perhaps we can make it a new server with all the classic mechanics and with the adjusted PVP-battle stats. The past suggestions wanted to be powerful instantly, now we want the slow and surely pace story line driven game just like before. With game like Ragnarok Online having a few variations (came from RO MSP). It turns out that the old settings will last longer. I also want to suggest that Instant Dungeon leveling will have many as 5 times per week and is always reset on every first day of the week. Yes we all know that the current setting will open and reset every 24 hours but as a player it gave me a feeling of pressure! Online gaming should be free of pressure and doing it just like as a relaxing one rather than putting effort everyday. So by that they can buy a dungeon token of whatever they like to put it with a maximum 7 times dungeon pass per week, 5 times vs 7 times of a premium user vs free-player, not a-so big gap!. And by that he can spend the available 5 passes dungeon-ing in just 3 days if given with a maximum of 2 passes everyday for what ever he/she likes. Instead of endless and repetitive 3 times dungeon-ing everyday, the sense it gave me a task, a pressure that it isn’t really enjoyable in the long run. What do you think guys?

You should tell us more about “Classic mechanic”. And fyi IMC delete old things bcz it’s not efficient and balance.

How about 20 times per month and reset monthly?

Rank 12 is dividing different kind of dungeon everyday. More pressure for you to enjoy.

classic mechanic on how was ToS online in the year of 2015-2016

No one wants this if they actually sit and think about it.


you can’t possible have played TOS back in 2016 and in your right state of mind want that back
like srlsly what is wrong with ppl


Okay wrong definition. Yes I want a New server with all the classes and mechanics of the current settings unlocked and released. We just want a fresh start! But at a really slow pace so that maybe all players will go through on every aspect of the game!. Right now I don’t want to play, it is like a MOBA with just powering your character 'cmon that is what I am saying about! Those days of the past were still the best for me. Without the exploit and without the overpowering and progressing bit by bit. Remember playing JRPG’s? That is how ToS should be right now!

Let’s split the playerbase so the servers feel more empty, solid plan.

ToS is a huge game, quests and achivements easily exceed 500 hours of gameplay just talking to NPCs and moving around, i can’t even imagine running all that in a slow paced way with long fights etc. I find it more enjoyable to run this content with a max level character than a new one.


Nothing is preventing you from doing it shrugs you can start a new steam account to start from zero and go questing at your own pace, you can also refuse to get vibora’s rewards for example to grind for your gear.

No I was speaking about on our current online games here in Ph. They have started a new server from scratch as well. To boost and attract old and new players. That is my reason behind it. But yeah I am just looking for a place to hear my plead but do not go for it seriously I was just hoping and clinging again to reminisce the old memory of this game and yeah, in the end you may ignore it.

Though I may have an Idea just a little bit.

How about from the very first character creation. They would go and choose “Story Mode” vs. “Free mode”.

As the word say story mode will bring you to the story path of ToS if you may prefer it. Then, versus the free mode you can go to ToS world without having to chit chat from all the NPC’c and Quests and as a setback you have things you may cannot get as good as a Story Mode can give to you.