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New- class question

Hi everyone! Just started bought game when came out and never played really. Excited to come back reminds me of Legend of Mana Meets MMO.

Anyways I am wondering a few questions.

Can you play any class and be viable to do end game stuff?

For example. I made a cleric Druid so far and love it. I would love to chose priest and Diev as late two and be a healer end game. Is this possible?

Or do I need to have all 4 healing classes? I love to heal but I love Druid class. I see the top ranks classes and they seem to stick to all 4 dps or heals

Is this like other MMOs where if your a healer or tank you can get in dungeons and raids with people easiser?

Thanks for your help!

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Yes and no.



Druid is a healer class too and can be trolled by another druid.

No, you have to manage to survive first. Who can you heal to if you die in 2s?


Healer yes, Tank no. Nowadays peoples go with 2 healers and 3 dps…

when leveling up use DPS cleric class (cuz its hard to kill when you don’t have attacking skills. I tried it once and I deleted my char around level 270+ cuz all I can do is smack them down with AA cleric>priest>ora XDDD) then when complete episode 12 quest line you get a free level 4 change points so you can rebuild your class.

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