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New class Pioneer for scout

Now to start this off return squire back to the swordsman archetype but remove squires camp ability’s and give them to pioneer.

Due to swordsman has no real profession class and squire seems more fitting for swordsman then scout.

As for pioneer the name is very fitting for the scout class as a Pioneer by its name “a person who is one of the first to settle in an area” there for having the camping ability’s like refreshment table and Base Camp would be more fitting as pioneers would be using those core things along with the others.

survey a buff
scavenge a utility ability
signal flair a pistol ability
survival instincts a buff

As mentioned above these two ability’s would be in that list being.

base camp a utility ability
refreshment table a utility ability


Hello @kaligoth5000,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, we will forward your suggestion to our development team for further review. Thank you.