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New Character Mix?

Well, i’m kinda “new” in the game, i followed some guides before, and all, but now i’m thinking about creating one (maybe following something already created, but whatever), but never got much into it.
I’m looking for a class/mix that can spam skills a lot, and can be either damage and support (mostly healing, if posible), is posible too, elemental damage, and idk wich classes i can get for that.
Also, i have 0 experiences with Wizards, and maybe all other classes, since i only created Swordsmans XD
Btw, if that’s not the right place for that topic, feel free to move, idk where else i could put it :x

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Wizard can’t heal aside of Alchemist, and Alchemist only has 2 support skills to recover HP and SP with potions. Featherfoot can self-heal with 3 skills,though.

Most Wizard classes have elemental damage, some are specialized in a single element (Pyromancer,Terramancer,Cryomancer,Taoist,Bokor,Warlock,Featherfoot,Necromancer,Sorcerer,Shadowmancer,Psychokino) while others have multiple elements (Elementalist,Rune Caster,Onmyouji), so you have a lot of options here, branching out into several elements or specializing in a single one instead, which will narrow down the build choices a lot.

There are also the support classes Sage,Alchemist and Chronomancer, which have unique roles in the game (though not being really helpful for most content), and Rune Caster allows you to craft scrolls of some specific skills(Magic Missile,Flame Ground,Pole of Agony,Enchant Fire) to use on other characters or builds for additional damage.

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Do you have any tips of what i can go that describes what i said?
Like “go elementalist X / chrono X”, idk
then i can check it all later by myself

ele tao pyro.easy to play

Pyro-psycho-onmyo. Although it is not a meta build, it is super fun!

Elemental damage, spam skills alot (cooldown is a bit long, but you have many skills and lots of them have damage over time), a bit of support (crowd control from psycho).