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New Chaplain attribute/art for Aspergillum

There is an easy way to make Chaplain useful for all physical builds, that is to introduce a new attribute or art for Aspergillum.


Aspergillum no longer deals additional damage on attack but instead adds holy property to your basic attacks and physical attack skills.
Increase the amount of Holy Water used to 10.

I foresee the lady imc getting scared not to make the chap monk combo too strong with this art u.u

Can’t become too strong if it’s not even in the top 10 builds for weekly boss and Moringponia/Skiaclipse boss rankings.
Chaplain is so weak in comparison with any other red circle class, and you’re trading off Aspergillum,which is a full 2232% worth of damage every basic attack with Capella for a holy property conversion.

This would just open Chaplain for physical classes as well,
as the magic classes(Kabbalist,Miko,Exorcist,Crusader) can get 80% damage boost on the Capella attribute while physical classes cannot do this.

u want more buff for chap?
heck, asper still bugged last time i checked and still not fixed
imc dont care about this class(ded)