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New Card Game + Redesigned Lodge system

Hello IMC 2 things I think would be good addition to game

  1. A new card game to replace the old one that was disabled long ago, it wouldn’t be too hard to create and would give new purpose to all the extra cards everyone has. It doesn’t have to be a clone of Triple Triad but something fun like this to pass the time and give rewards. Maybe there could be a leaderboard and winning matches would give you points to spend in a special shop for essential items

card battlfe

  1. Reorganize the player lodge to be more like the mobile version where it’s a combination of the housing and lodge. A jukebox + library to house books you get from quests so you can read them, also get rid of buying furniture with silver, give players points earned from content to spend on furniture so people can customize them easier.

Hello @venetiansnare,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, we will forward your suggestion to our development team for further review. Thank you.

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Only not, right?
CTRL+C e CTRLV…as always.

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