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New and have a few questions

I just started the game last night and have a few questions. Im choosing scout as my class since I always went the rogue route in ragnarok im a pvp type of person as well. My 1st question is how exactly these class systems work does the order I choose matter? I also want to main daggers as my weapon choice so which classes in scout tree best benefit dagger pvp? I dont mind leveling slow thats how I learn games I just dont want to level a class up and it does me no good in pvp atm im an outlaw i got my eyes on rogue and ranga as well or the pirate class i see it has an attack buffer any useful info would be helpful just please dont come here telling me why i should choose bm because thats all I hear in game an I like to be unique


class order does not matter, can’t comment on which class is the best. not really a scout expert. BM is still a thing?


Shinobi is the meta atm for scout dagger and dominates the scout/world boss ranking charts weekly, usually paired with assassin and another.

Pistol scouts are in a bad place atm but our buff is right around the corner so its still 2 months or so before we get fixed but daggers fine atm.

Go to the official tree of savior discord and you can find a scout sub section where theres an ongoing conversation on builds and strategies etc, the forum is dead and youtube is just primarily bad players posting false information like “hardcore gaming”.

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IMO class order only matters in leveling, especially if you’re new. usually you want to start with the class that can kill mobs fast (dps class with a good number of high damage skills), for faster leveling.

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1st : Class order matter just for leveling sake, pick class who have good aoe / mobility to easier leveling.
2nd : Assasin, Rogue, Shinobi for DPS, Rangda for support debuff and good combo with Assasin. I dont see much Ardito atm so i think its not that good now. IMO Outlaw is more for survivability (Bully, Aggro and Iframe from skill). Corsair for good skill buffer if you go full dps. Me personally go assasin-outlaw-rangda from leveling, then change outlaw to shinobi, and change again shinobi for rogue. Feels good for me now cause i love rangda build :slight_smile:
Of course my opinion here can be wrong, so just test it for yourself, dont worry you will have class points voucher for reset from main quest.

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class order only matter if you want to learn the skill arts (kind of like a master skill) at early game. since it will take a lot of time for you to max up the final class in order to learn the skill art Owo/ so your final class should be one where you won’t be needing the skill arts

here is a link for the scout’s attributes, the ones that’s ornately framed in gold are the arts
you can check the other classes you are planning to have

notice some arts are just damage enhancers

look for ones that doesnt have “enhanced upgrade” those are the ones that will alter the function of your skill

e.g. [Arts] Cloaking: Successful Ambush

i made an outlaw assassin bulletmarker build for fun, but it seems to kind of werk nicely too

i guess you can try other knife class in place of the bulletmarker,

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Ty all for replies so far ive chosen outlaw n rogue debating on which the last should be

If you’re going outlaw/rogue the last class has to be assassin, hasisas increases crit dmg by 72%, hallucination smoke art increases dagger dmg by 25% and annihilation it’s an iframe with really high dmg.