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Nevermind delete please

nevermind delete please

The Barrier definitely needs to be reworked but I’m not sure this is the way to do it. Players who have the invincibility would be able to kill those out in the field then run back, or at least abuse the buff.

I think the primary solution is reworking spawn points and the map, as well as the location of the barrier.

The camping was pretty bad though so it needs to be adjusted.

Disagree. The safezone is huge and easily allows a group to buff up and prepare themselves before entering. If you hang around within shooting distance of a safezone outside of it, that is your own tactical blunder. Any group that tries to camp out here wastes their time not working towards the actual objective, which is taking the tower. Of course the defending teams will try to keep you inside of it as to not advance, but that is all part of the strategy. Learn to break through it.