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NERF Genbu Armor

I’m bringing a terrible issue. I don’t know if it’s a terrible bug or just a nonsense unbalanced problem, BUT genbu armor is making WIZARDS almost impossible to kill on PVP/GVG/BORUTA. And the numbers don’t lie, you just have to look at the rakings and TBL. They’re full of imortal wizards dominating.

This game has awesome classes and characters, but you’re being forced to move into ONE class, just because the others are TOO WEAK compared to wizards…

Why Genbu is making Wizards imortal?

  • Tank everything (with any set) without losing HP for a LONGER time than ANYONE WOULD with a HIGH CLASS SET.
  • SP potion restores 20-30%, different of HP potions on TBL (5% or less)
  • Nulify a lot of IMPORTANT debuffs.
  • It can be accumulated with another survival skills like Shadow Pool (funniest thing is: THEY CAN USE IT IN COMBAT, so WHY SCOUT CAN’T USE CLOAK TOO?), Subzero Shield, Levitation, Teleport, Blink, etc.

And the MOST IMPORTANT thing: T H E Y A R E W I Z A R D S ! They HAVE HUGE aoe, so they SHOULD be VULNERABLE, and not the MOST ■■■■■■■ TANK in the game.

Well, that’s my last breath in this game… And believe, I’m not alone on this journey…

(and you should make your staff play the game to see what’s really happening in there.)


I thought there’s already a nerf coming for Genbu, and not only that, but there are skills that will break through it i.e Lancer’s crush.

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scout need to sit before using cloak…

ohh… IMC…


Nerf is coming for that, more intersting tho - anyone knows how it actually plays out? Is it nerfed enough/barely/into the ground?

Nerf is coming to Gembu, but Shadowmancer Hallucination will become even more annoying when all Onmyoji change their class to Chronomancer…

Hallucination shadow = 150% HP clone, 20s duration, 60s cooldown
Reincarnate = full hp revive to all party, 20s duration buff, 120s cooldown
Pass = -50 or 60s cooldown to all skills, 50s cooldown

Hallucination -> Reincarnate -> Pass -> Hallucination -> Reincarnate -> Pass ->…

This tanky combo + totally unbalance aoe damage + many other defensive/escape skills + annoying cc… and wizards will continue dominating the TBL. Even the little spirits of warlock steal the target of skills and help to negate attacks lol

Just wait for Backmasking ARTS and Infernal Shadow ARTS xD

IMC nerf Sheriff and buff wizz… I love this gaem <_<

So I need to change BM for linker to be OP with the joint penalty art buff <_<

why not better just add heals at the wizard tree, cuz they really need it, having genbu+ lvl 99 AoE cc that pulls you from across the screen, 2 jumps that covers fking full maps, and also hide, cuz you know wizards are also scouts, they really need more pls imc buff em more, make one inch punch give em sp instead of stealing from em , cuz yey wizards need more help, also they need more AoE ying yang isnt enough

Genbu Armor was already nerfed in the Korean version of the game and we will be getting that change eventually.

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