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Need to do something! (old field-bosses)


I spent at least 50 hours of real time hunting the boss and got nothing!!! Earth Canceril field-boss respawn only if somebody stay/play on location! if location empty it will be reseted.

I want get wind runners recipe, but I CANT GET THIS****! open 30+ times cube i get only: anceril Card, Earth pants, Earth robe, Leather Earth Armor, Leather Earth Pants, Earth Plate Armor, Earth Plate Pants

never see >>>wind runners recipe<<< ARE YOU SERIOUS??? lost 50h my time in game and get nothing!!!

I can say other field bosses for low levels will also show you d**k.
I want drope from another bosses for my colection but it imposible right now.

This should be fixed. list of old field-bosses for fix [Guide] Big Bossing: Part 3 Field bosses (7/11/2017)

(Sorry very angry about this greedy crab.)

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