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Need suggestions

Hi, I’m a new player currently playing at EU season server. I’m finding it very hard to find a party for skiaclipse legend raid that I can’t really craft my own varna sets. I bought 2 boots from the MP which cost 7m each, one of them successfully enchanted to +11. My question is how am I going to be able to proceed to the game if it continues on like this, I heard that they will remove silver farming from the fields, the other players already have their fixed party for skia leg/ not accept someone undergeared. I currently do 3 times skia leg a week but they only give 3 feathers, so I’m hardstuck. my current classes are scout-BM-linker-sheriff.

As someone who knows some economics, overinflation isn’t going to be removed/reduced by removing silver farming/bots from the field. So chances are they prices in the MP are going to still be the same, because people believe that there are people that are sitting with billions of silver. The current badge shop gives 5 CM reset scrolls a day which i buy daily and do CM7 in Central Parias Forest which gives 1.2 mil or so per run + white cosmos and planium when i get them. My largest income of silver still comes from the field farming in Irredian Shelter/Baubas Cave. With no party, there is no chance that I can proceed in the game.

Get use to it when playing solo, or make some friends and growth together.

Sell all your BS from dun400/Iredian Shelter.

I suppose you are not part of an active guild, but in the worst case there are no entries limit to skiaclipse legend mode, they just won’t get anymore rewards but can still help if they are nice people. Even if you are undergeared as long as the 4 others are not in the same situation I don’t see a problem.

But I can guess the real issue is about healers because in this game you have like 0 bonies, no money bonus, no experience bonus, no titles, no mounts for going as a healer in matchmaking hundreds of times etc with role available to pick that don’t exist in the user interface either.