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Need suggestions for Sorcerer build

Hey. I am coming back to the game to see re:build for first time and I need tips.

I really like sorcerer to summon demon bosses and explosive bats but I dont want to make a pure summon class. I don’t find it funny to play whatching things die while I do nothing.

I remember playing Cryo/Sorc/Necro before re:build and I did miss the damaging spells. (Well. Part of that was because Cryo did no damage those days.)

Wich 2 classes you guys would recommend to go with Sorcerer and why?

Sorcerer doesn’t really synergize with any other classes than the other summoning classes tbh. You can just pick it with whatever. Sorc + 2 damage classes works fine. Pyro+Ele or something. You can check the summoner guide for some ideas. Cryo Sorc Necro should also work but you’ll do a bit less damage than Sorc Necro Bokor.

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Actually you might be able to go Marnox and pick Tao with that, because he deals fire damage with his skills, as opposed to all other summons which are neutral (except ignas who is dark). Tri-Disaster charm should boost his skills.

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Why not simply make a dark-based wizard?

Mine: Warlock-Sorcerer-Bokor (the Bokor here is not mainly for the zombies, but more for single target damage with Effigy and boosting dark damage with Hexing)

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At this moment or even in future patches, Fire/Ice/Lightning builds have no space for Sorcerer so you only option is to go dark or summon based.

A full summon build aka Sorcerer - Bokor - Necromancer is actually pretty good despite its negative stigma of being a botting build. You won’t really be standing there doing nothing and waiting for your summons to kill. You have to stack many debuffs (Desmodus + Necromancer Bane + Hexing + Corruption) for your summons, and also Riding + Morph to utilize your summon.

There are a few dark based builds which you could try

  • Sorcerer - Warlock - Shadowmancer/Bokor/Featherfoot
    Warlock for AOE and the 3rd class for single target DPS. Bokor can benefit from Desmodus debuff and have a strong short CD burst with Damballa. Also it has Hexing which further benefit Warlock’s damage. Summons are always a plus. Featherfoot in future gives more Dark damage to cursed enemies which benefit Warlock as well. Kurdaitcha has insane DPS after the future changes. Shadowmancer is also going to get buffed in future although it is probably the more lackluster one now

  • Sorcerer - Necromancer - Featherfoot
    Necromancer summons benefit from Desmodus debuff. Also, have tons of debuffs which makes it easier to trigger Featherfoot’s “Curses of Curses” attribute for Kundela Slash. Featherfoot is the premiere choice her because in future Corruption boosts Poison damage for Featherfoot skills.

Sorcerer is more of a filler class and not the main focus of many builds unless you go for a pure summon build. Not everyone can have a summoner build as strong as this link below

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How does dark really benefit sorc or from sorc though? I don’t really think either wlock or sm synergizes with sorc at all tbh.

The problem is the only class that synergize with Sorcerer is other summons. You won’t put Sorcerer with other Fire/Ice/Lightning builds because there is always a better option. For dark classes, there are many dark cores that are viable in future such as Warlock + Featherfoot/Shadowmancer. Very few will take a Fire/Ice/Lightning class in the last slot because if they want a Fire/Ice/Lightning, there are better off dropping Warlock + Featherfoot/Shadowmancer entirely. The last slot hence goes to Bokor for dark focused builds, Necromancer for poison focused builds, or Sorcerer which essentially is just a filler class. Sadly Sorcerer do not have amazing synergy with anything else other than summons, and most often people take it just as a filler class with a strong extra autoattacker + occasional riding skills

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Thank you all for the information and insights. :slight_smile: