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Need suggestion with 1Hspear+shield build

Do Pelt>Hop>Reti performs well in pve? (I don’t really care for pvp)
I’m wondering if we can just swashbuckling things and burst em out with this build?
Or if you have any suggestions or any recommended build to show me is really appreciated, thank you in advance!

not sure in current TOS if Reti is viable now for PVE, but previous versions, Reti have really long CD time for DPS skills.

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Current reti, specially with Rete Shooter lvl4 is pretty good, not rank 1 material but still good. You can build full spear with reti/hop/goon or mix with some classes like reti/hop/fencer and reti/hop/nak but none of these build use shield. Picking shield will reduce your average atk and consequently your dmg and in pve everything is dps race.
If you really want pelt and/or shield you best bet might be pelt/murm/(rode or nak).

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So it’s rather full dps or full tank , I see.
Thank you for replying me with these useful info! :bowing_man: