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Need skill Rotation for bossing

Hey guys, I’ve changed my scout to Assassin/Sheriff/BM … i was a linker before but noticed my damage was kinda lacking. Finally managed to solo Skia but took me a while to complete it XDD

Can you guys give me a skill rotation with smugis and beast potion mixed in …

My last skill rotation was

Smugis > Joint Penalty > Electric Shock > Beast Potion > RIP > Mozambique Drill > Annihilation … then after spam other skills … XDDD

it’s messy … Kinda needing a good rotation for WBR + Skia Solo + Misrus …

Westraid>precision>peacemaker>smugis>potion>aiming shot>*rip>mozambique>quickdraw>fanning>annihilation

Assuming you have cryolite bullet, you can rotate back to *

Beahead+stab heart combo should always be ON, where you execute it is up to you.

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hey thanks for the input, i just bought the cryo pistol ichor XDD …

aiming has arts so its a channeling skill now … maybe I should turn it off … ach i dont use behead and piercing heart becuz no more space for skill slot XDDDD

here’s my setup before … im a controller user XDD

Is my damage okay? 'm still having a bit of trouble with skiaclipse solo … Legend Raid Casual but I’m getting the trick to him … just that time to time his mechanics are broken >.>;;;

I placed my stats to STR >.<;;; so now I’m uber squishy … and my cards … most for Beast Skia and Misrus run …

Imma practice your suggestion and fit it in my controller slots …

Make use of your back slot and place your buffs there, since you won’t be spamming those and they last for 30 minutes. Just hold L2 and press R2 to go there. You can also map arts, so you can easily turn them on and off with a push of a button.Tree Of Savior 9_17_2020 5_37_06 AM Tree Of Savior 9_17_2020 5_38_09 AM

That combo is an absolute must for any boss, they apply all kinds of debuffs and they allow you to hit crit rate cap even with plants and mutants.

For cards, Prison Cutter is very useful for bossing, because you can easily make them bleed with behead. I see you have no problem with funds, so might as well load up on CON. Get good Random Ichors, Courage Ichors for Fixed and once you hit lv450, Invest a bit on CON using your free 100 stats. But it is always a good idea to heavily invest on STR.