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Need info on new updates

just got back to he game after quite some time and a lot of stuff are coonfusing me right now.
Firstly, why do i not see any portal shops in Kalipeda anymore? how do i get to OW 15 now?
What happened to singularity in ep 12 maps? are they gone?
A lot of skills changed, I had to rebuild some of my characters, meaning some arts won’t be used anymore, is there no free arts reset for this???

OW15 maps not feasible to farm silver(mobs no longer drop silver, they drop badges,reset vouchers, blessed shards(elite)) or do CMs since lower level maps give less silver now in CM.
you can now also Automatch CM via F10

if u got arts deleted, you can find ART tome in MArket tab

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oohhh thanks!
My arts were not deleted, they changed msost of the skills nd elements so I was forced to change class, but the previous classes still had their arts.

and how about the portal shops? why dont I see any? did they remove it from the game?

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The servers have been awful since the patch, channels are crashing every few minutes/hours, this is probably why you don’t see many shops in town.

Ep12 singularities are gone, they have been moved to ep13 maps. Or just use the auto match, it’s faster (has a gear check though).

Most people bought art reset potions on the market in preparation for the patch, or redeemed art resets using wings of vaivora coins.


also like Zeucleio said, there is a Gear Requirement to enter CM and Singularity.

this for Singularity

thanks! found this out the hard way XD, Ony my trinkt was low level but the game wont let me enter CM

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Because the channel crashes every 10 mins.

Go to world map, find OWD15, use Token Travel feature.

Singularity is bound to the latest maps. With the release of episode 13, portals were moved to episode 13 maps.

Unfortunately not. You have to get an Art Reset potion from the Wings of Vaivora coin shop for 30 coins. Had to do that with Tao since I had Divine Punishment with arts and with the rebalance I didn’t put points in the skill anymore.

Yes for arts deleted. But sometimes you want to switch skills around due to rebalance and if you had arts they won’t be refunded :frowning:

I note that they fixed the patch notes, it was saying you needed fixed ichors of level 380 on armor for area 3 before, which didn’t let you enter. Now it correctly says you need fixed ichors of level 400, which means Ignas won’t work, but Galimive will.

I still think the Vaivora requirement for Singularity and other content is absurd and has to go…

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thanks, kinda got the hang a bit

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update is up, the game is not.
if you are casual, better stay away from this game until its playable
cause right now this game only give you frustration of the inability to play most of contents

On contrary, if you are casual player, you should use this ongoing dievdirby event to upgrade your gear. This event will save you hundreds millions of silver (if only i know this event earlier, i wont craft myself all of those free reward from scratch.)
Me as casual player who only play CM/DS everyday think the game is very very playable, sometime chat bugged which make you cant automatch, but by going to other channel multiple times you can automatch again.

going to other channel multiple times?? really??
thats not the reason the issue fixed. its just flux because the server is in garbo state.

also dont worry they will release more of this premium ep12 stuffs in incoming event

i got my friend returned to the game, expecting to get party for owd 15 but chat is so dead so i told him to just join the queue but most of time the queue is also dead lol.not only because lack of players but right now also because the game is broken.told him to solo it which is easy but he barely got his assisters leveled lol.

it is true that if you return now you ll only get disappointment. take a look at most forum posts. most of em are rages that the game is broken haha


This is the first time in many years where the event rewards are actually worth the time and effort to get… however it cost us the game in its entirety.

It feels like the one guy at IMC who isn’t shilling out for whales finally got a chance to help casual players, but all the other staff said “gl giving out normal character progression over a dead game :upside_down_face:

Im just playing for the free event Savinose stuff XD

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