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Need Help with Third Class

Hello. My main character is currently built as a Pyro-Ele-Taoist. However, I feel like the synergy between the Pyro and Ele classes already sustains my damage enough to make a decent skill rotation. I’m considering changing my 3rd class as I feel it’s underused.

Do you guys have any recommendation as to what classes I can take for my final class? Something that can boost my Pyro Ele with a possibly good mix of offensive or support spells?

I’m thinking Alche (for the potion skills), Rune Caster (rune of protection) ? Chrono? Pyschokino? Are they good?
I’m shying away from Onmyoji as much as possible…

This is exactly what Taoist is. By not going Taoist, you are missing out on +80% dmg (Tri-Disaster) and +32% overall dps increase (Lightning Charm). Currently, no other class comes close to Tao in terms on utility for Pyro-Ele. And Eradication is a decent dps skill.


Thanks for reminding me… I’m just torn since I always forget about to add this in my rotation…

Anyways, do you have additional thoughts regarding… a Runecaster-cryo-kino build? I’m thinking of making a rod defense oriented wizard… since pyro ele tao are more on offense…

Cryomancer and Psychokino are good options for controlling.

You could go:

Featherfoot: sustain. hp drain.
Alchemist: HP + SP potions throwing for your party.
Chronomancer: Support for your group. Pass, Stop, Reincarnate … [Read all the passive skills]
Sage: portal for your party. Portal shop to make some money.
Elementalist: if you want a third class with controlling, you can put some points into hail and stone curse.
Taoist: a good support for you and your party! You increase not only your magic damage but the damage of other wizards in your party.
Onmyoji: I used to play cryo + kino + onmy to clean CM5 OUT15 and I really liked that. You won’t finish it as fast as another offensive builds, but still you can have a good farm, and I hit 420 superfast when it was the cap level with this build! :smiley: From all that I have said so far, I’d recommend this for a “support party build” and also “solo content build”.

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Runecaster’s utility is very limited, it basically is using rune of destruction to reduce magic def, which is really good but kind of a waste since your build isn’t relying on dealing damage.

If you want good synergies with cryo and kino my advices are :
-onmyo : brings damage to a build that is lacking and firefox synergizes strongly with cryo kino as it makes the hitbox on PP bigger (=more shards on ice wall combo) and makes gravity pole do more damage AND proc ice wall ( = even more out of your ice wall combo)
-tao : the eradication art works on ice wall (even more combo!!!) and most taoist damage is lightning which gains power on frost enemies
-pyro : fire pillar and raise combo together, and you can do frost pillar+heavy gravity+ flame ground aoe combo
-sage : no real synergy, it just adds more reliable CC in your build with dimension compression and black hole, and utility with portals

I really don’t recommend alchemist unless you really want unlimited SP, and I don’t recommend Chronomancer at all because it’s not worth to take a class just for one skill.

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