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Need help with some prices :) [Solmiki, Asio Pistol Recipe - on Fedimian]


Hey all!

I originally wrote this question for reddit. But I think it may help to also ask here because I guess not all players are using reddit.

Can somebody help me with some prices of items please? I am currently playing on Fedimian. I am interested in buying either Solmiki Leather Armor or Pants. For doing that I am interested in trading them for my Asio Pistol Recipe (+ items?)

Because of the event it feels like all prices are extremely different. As following I am not sure about the prices of those items nowdays.

As far as I can see i need at least 38,5M for reopening regarding the Solmiki Cubes of 30F and 35F. In total I would estimate both Solmiki items at 30M each - so 60M in total - is that correct?

Furthermore I am interested in the price of an Asio Pistol Recipe. As far as people told me it is one of the good ones you can get from the raids.

Thanks a lot for the help!

You can either contact me here or you can pm me ingame. My ingame name is Saintshadow.

Kind regards,



Maybe you’re using your weekly legendary raids for Velcoffer, but IMO it would have been way easier to get the Somiki items yourself during the x2 cubes 50% off reroll cost event. Reopening 35f is 3.5mil per cube and you need 11-12 to get an item, so yeah 39-42mil for the armor and 33-36 for the pants. I’ve seen shouts recently from people that were selling ET items (Albero?), so you should PM them when you see that shout.

Asio Pistol is good, because it requires a low amount of easily obtainable mats to craft. And you can exchange weapons when re:build hits, so it will be much easier to craft an Asio Pistol and then exchange for something much harder to craft, like 2h mace, pike or staff. For that, it will be hard to get someone to sell you one, or it will be for a very high price. Your best bet is to shout in-game.

If indeed you need to get a pistol for yourself, try first to get different recipes from Asio raid. I’ve opened the 20 cubes I got from last 10 days and got 4 recipes: dagger, rapier, sword, spear. That was lucky (20% drop rate and all one handed weapons), but I’ll be able to craft them all and switch to what I like in a couple weeks.