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Need help with PURE healing/support REbuild please!

iam cleric 400 i would like to know your suggestion to be pure healer/support, my party/raid are dpsers.

please share me your knowledge of builds/skills/what gear to use/what tricks to use for maximum heals.

thank you!

priest ,kabbalist/PD, oracle would be good healer.
get uphill carnas accessories set + con + spr will help to heal more.
and get a one hand blut weapon aswell.

Oracle and Diev are very good support, particularly Diev is underrated with -20% cooldown and -20% SP consumption, basically you add another DPS to your party.

Priest and Kabbalist are very good healing and support classes, while Priest is unique with Revive/Resurrection

Druid with Arts has very good healing, but it does not offer much support