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Need help with guides

Hi guys,

Found out top build in for:-

Scouts - shinobi - enchanter - BM

Was hoping anyone could help me with skill build, status, equipments, cards & anything else related to the. I super new & casual player, would really appreciate it if someone xould show me these build using the stimulator… a thousand thx.

Enchanter specializes on buffs that increase basic attack damage, a bit of survivability and offensive buffs that don’t work well with BM.

Shinobi is a fun class but seeing you have BM you have to go dual weapons in the future(which is a pain because auto-swap doesn’t work with BM/Shinobi so you have manually swap weapons)it has no synergy with BM and Enchanter whatsoever except maybe for its +60% physatak buff that is a pain to keep up and is crap compared to Hasisas/Sheriff Reload.

BM is an offensive class but without a class to really boost it is utter trash especially if you don’t have it’s vaivora on a good pistol. It’s SFRs are tiny and your only synergy with Enchanter is it’s auto-attack which is now dead due to outrage being changed.

I’d be ok to give you a skill build for this but who said this is the top build? If you wan’t a good cheap build,

Assassin/BM/Sheriff is dual weapon but doesn’t necessarily need a good dagger.

Rouge/clown/assassin is a strong pure dagger and you only have to worry about the clown vaivora which is free in the event. And it’s high SFR will make up for the low Enhance/Transcendence value of those free event weapons, unlike the free pistol with Cryolite.

Well anyway, here you go

1 point to Bloody Overdrive for the iframe

Thank you very much for your explaination. Now i’m confused on what to work & play LOL.

Anyway i saw this site saying it was a hot 10 build check it out

Anyway… what other build that would recommend to play? I have so far build a dopel and want to turn into blossom something (i fogot the class name).

Im looking into something that can really solo the hell out of anything and that dosent die too easily… suggest me class and the build please thank you.

I have no idea what Hot 10 in that site means but looking at that list, it’s a pile of not useless but i’d say adventurous(?) builds that will make your ToS life quite difficult. If you want a build that can “solo the hell out of anything”, my safest pick right now would be Mergen/Ranger/Falconer. Very strong bossing capability and very strong AoE attacks.
Blossom Blader is ayt, but kinda low tier right now. But will be buffed soon and become the new Swordsman meta so not gonna stop you with what you are doing. Build a Doppel/Blossom/Highlander and practice using it while early.

Okie dokie falconet it is then!

isnt falconer getting nerf to oblivion in near future patch?

For me, its wizard, pyro-tao-elementalist/bokor. Its top meta and is newbie friendly. Good on field/mobbing/cm and can be quite well in bossing. No need to be super geared to workout.

Elementalist Variant:
Needs active gameplay since many skills to rotate. Has many synergies between pyro and ele.

Bokor Variant:
Simpler/Easier to use. Less active since bokor is a debuffer DoT class. Really good for single and multi target. Good for Bossing.

unallocated skill points varies on player’s preference. Allocated points are priority skills

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I’ve tried tried Pyro/Ele/Tao and it was terrible when it’s undergeared and soloing is a pain. Sure AoE is nice. Atleast with Falcon he can always change when Aiming is nerfed, but even then it wouldn’t kill the class. You need a few investment to be a good Wiz. With the Mergen choice you have SFR and the ridiculous power of it’s free vaivora to offset him not having arts and good ichors.

they buff falconer damage but nerf party support , aiming become self buff , but yeah i think mergen is better with wugushi, fletcher or appraiser , because falconer need Pet with weapon slot and drink a lot SP Pot