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Need help with character progression - endgame

Hi guys, im a returning player, have been reading a lot about the new systems, endgame guides and stuff, but some things are still not that clear to me.

My Char:

I am at level 420 as a Sword - Doppel - Barb - BB with current gear:

+11 Savinose from ep11 box

  • All pieces with lvl 6 gems (red for weapons and green/yellow for armor)
  • All pieces with ichors (moringponia on armor and skialipse for 2h sword)

I even did some small rerolls on random savinose stats to get more CON
Currently at 120k hp (no buffs)

I know that now i should aim to farm silver and start building my varna set. The problem is, it seems like it will take a long time to even get a varna that is just as good as my current set.

So here is my question:

  • What kinds of content should i aim and prioritize to get SILVER and start heading towards my endgame set? Im currently doing CM 5 on OTW15 and 400 dg only.

  • Is the legend raid tomb of the white crow already doable?

  • Can i play on harder CM levels? i tried nivel 6 and died after sometime so i stuck with lvl 5

  • Is the optimal way to just convert mercenary badges into challenge mode resets and try doing CM as fast as i can?

And aside from slavery content, is it worth to just farm on regular field maps? or should i prepare 1-2 alts to just get more silver daily out of CMS and stuff?

sry for the big post, hope someone can help me!

Ignore your account. Make another account and join corresponding season servers.


Kiyoshiro also made a gear progression as well, and much more indepth than mine.
I recommend checking kiyo’s blog for this!

If you can farm CM 5, then that should be fine. Start joining guild and run Varna weekly to grab extra feathers for Varna gears. Also, I recommend working toward Level 50 attributes first for all your skills and then > Level 100 on specific main abilities (based on your choice). The best sliver method right now is CM 5-7 + weekly contents.

If you’re looking for a budget/cheap builds, and wanted to run episode 12 maps for extra chance for vaivora. I recommend building Flag / Grass Healer builds:

These two builds are relative cheap, and you can transfer gears from your main to alt.

You can try CM 6-7 as soon as you have stronger ichors like Wisdom/Courage/etc. You also wanted to grab food buff from squire table. (You can simply make one by leveling up a squire and then make your own table) or (join a guild. They usually have their own stationed somewhere).

  • Food Buff
  • Leather ARTS repair
  • Weapon Maint (Leather)

^ These stuffs will give you some huge boosts for CM 6-7.

As it for now, IMC is planning to remove slivers from regular field. It’s worth farming right now as long as you kill monsters in Baubas Cave, Irredian Shelter, etc. ALSO! Make sure to run these weeklies/Daillies

  • Dimensional Collpase Point
  • Bernice Dungeon
  • Assister Dungeon
  • Daily dungeons (It maybe not much, but definitely worth running for new/return players for extra bless shards + slivers)
  • Merc Quest: