Need help with "Brother, Then" hidden quest


So, I’ve been trying to complete all the hidden quest that give stats, and this one is giving me a headache.

In some other posts, people say the requirements are completing all quests in Fedi suburbs, Tenet garden, Church 1B, 1F and 2F. Some other guides also say Goddess Ancient Garden, so I went and did all quests in all these maps, including the repeatables. Yet the quest still doesnt trigger for me, the only dialogue the npc gives me is this: image

The only quest in Goddess Ancient Garden I havent completed is the Runecaster master one that gives a title(Needs to have RC unlocked, and seems like RC unlock vouchers cant be used by clerics). I assume this one isnt needed because it requires an specific class unlocked, and I don’t want to unlock RC for the 8th time on my account.

I’ve followed every guide I could find and none proc’d the quest for me, I dont know what to do anymore

So I’d like to ask to anyone who has already completed this “Brother, then” quest, is there any other requirement I’m not aware of? How the hell do you get this quest to start? Thanks in advance.


Have you completed “To Pilgrim’s Way”?

If I’m not mistaken, it’s one of the requirements too, I’ve completed this one a long time ago so I might be wrong. You get this one after doing the mage tower questline.


Yes, I have done it. I’ve also done all Mage Tower quests, including the hidden ones such as “Crafting and Materials” and “The Wizard and the Mage Tower(2)”. Guess next thing I’ll try is completing all quests starting at Starving Demon’s Way, and all the way to Apsimesti Crossroads.