Need help with assassin - rogue - corsair build


hey hey

this is my current build :

i’m confused and i’m not sure what to change, i’m mostly looking for corsair and rogue advices (i know my assassin skills shouldn’t be like that but i prefer it that way)

i have absolutely no idea what to spend the remaining points on for rogue

as for corsair, i’m thinking of replacing impale dagger by dust devil (it’s technically less % damage, however it counts both the sword and dagger for damage, so i don’t know if it would be stronger than impale dagger or not somehow)

also, i took hook and keel for GTW / PVP, though i’m not sure if i’ll ever use these properly

thanks in advance


In my opinion, corsair roque doesn’t really go well together. And roque doesn’t really go too well with assassin either. I don’t know who designed this synergies, but this guys certainly haven’t played this game yet.

Cosair’s brutality buff only applies to slash type attack now, which doesn’t exist in roque’s kit.
Roque’s knife throw added a debuff to increase your pierce damage but the only pierce attack that assassin has is piercing heart.

If you are focus on PvP GvG, can consider roque/linker/assasin which I think works better than corsair.


It’s my actual build!

you’re right take dust devil and let impale dagger, dust devil damages are crazy, even better than hexen cause brutality buff dust devil (and doesn’t buff hexen…but hexen is buffed by throw knife of the rogues)

the three classes are rly good together

rogue have strong cc and if you can get a masi dagger ichor into velco dagger, it provides strong backstab damages. Lacrymator is a soooo good skill for tbl, feud, gvg. Rogue is a must have for dagger build pvp, even more since the last patch cause you have a better uptime on the evasion buff.

about the corsair, brutality will provide you +20% damages on nearly all assassin skill…it’s impossible to skip corsair if you play assa.

The rope…i hope you don’t play mouse control…when i hit with the rope (which have a soooo little hitbox) i break the rope cause my char will continue to make one step after i stop (another mouse control feature)

linker is so bad in pvp. the only good thing is electrical shock. You will miss all your link cause of block, cc immune, evasion…it’s not fun at all to take a rank for just one good skill to land, rogue is much more tricky (fun!!!) and rewarded

i only speak about pvp here, for pve you might consider linker


i did it myself, and believe it or not, but before the corsair buff changes i was doing ridiculous damages, ofc it may not be totally broken but it was good

Alright, then i will probably put impale dagger points into DD whenever i reset skills, though it won’t be much, it’ll probably be a 5 points or so…

(i guess i could just max this and put the leftovers into Hex instead, but i like Hex so much…)

I use controller, but that’s good to know, i barely use the hook, it’s difficult when you’re not under Cloaking effect imo :V

I agree about rogue, honestly i find it good and fun, i only use 2 werewolf cards as well
i think it fits with the “assassin” role in general too (sneaky, hits in the back, y’know)
Also i just find it useful in litterally every situation : you can spam backstab very often for decent damages, and on top of that, it stuns everything

I used to have linker instead of corsair, however it’s just not as good as corsair once you get a lvl 380 / 390 sword

On top of that, i use less SP compared to linker
Imo, linker is only good when your weapons are bad or average, once you get good weapons it’s just a waste of SP and rank

Anyway, thanks for the replies y’all, but i must ask then : where should i put the last points i have for rogue ?

I’ve considered the evasion buff before, but man… 10 seconds, it doesn’t seem good imo

Before the corsair changes, i used to have Lachrymator lvl 13 and Burrow lvl 1, but i would almost never use Burrow (it does decent damage imo, but sadly i think it’s only worth it when there’s a lot of mobs around… and usually they don’t last long enough for me to use Burrow)


I think burrow is more a pvp skill…lachry too.(Unless you are Outlaw)

I would chose between lachry and evasion.

Evasion (stat) gets buffed soon or am i wrong?


Take the evasion buff, cause it got buffed (before it was 7 sec and the cooldown was higher)
10 sec is great to burst in tbl, use it when you will go in to burst (and evoid cc)
this skill is one of the biggest reason to take rogue
but lacry is too good too
i don’t use burrow…maybe i should dunno


Alright, thanks again everyone !

I’ve decided what i’ll do with my skills now :

Corsair :
I’ll replace Impale Dagger by Dust Devil for more dmg (since i have a good sword it should be way better)

Also, it would probably be better to share points between Hex and Dust Devil, but well, like i’ve said before i really like Hex

Rogue :
I’ll take the Evasion buff (lvl 10), the 4 remaining points will go into Lachrymator (11 sec duration for PVE, i suppose half that for PVP, but i think that’ll be enough ?)

I decided to skip Burrow, it’s not a bad skill but personnaly, i don’t use it enough for it to be worth taking (also with Cloaking and Anihilation, i don’t think i need another skill to be invisible)


rouge must have lvl 5 lachy for the increase range.
For the burrow, you can use it for hiding. for letting your skills to cloacking annhi link etc (good in pvp tbl feud teritory)


I must ask, what is so good about piercing heart that I see so many people maxing it? I thought instant acceleration should be the must-max kinda skill.

And about rogue, I find it so underwhelming… can some experienced players elaborate more please?


i forgot to update the skills link, but i actually have lachrymator at lvl 5 for the attribute, i noticed it while doing my skills in-game, i kinda forgot how bad lachrymator was without it

however i still didn’t get burrow, i kinda forgot about it for PVP, i probably won’t reset for it too, (in fact i barely have any time to use auto-attacks)

personnaly i think maxing piercing heart is worth it : 431% damage (291% at lvl 1… that’s just bad), 10 seconds cooldown, on top of the +50% crit rate and the other debuff it provides

i think it’s safe to say rogue is supposed to be a PVP class, however it’s useful in many situations :

  • backstab has low cooldown, bleeding attribute, stuns, AND does increased damage in the back of enemies, wich is free in PVP because behead puts you in the back if you’re close enough

  • lachrymator is useful for groups, enemies can’t attack because of it, even if you don’t plan on attacking during it, that’s useful

  • feint reduces evasion… but mostly, it prevents enemies from moving for 3 seconds, while also making them show their back (free damage from backstab again)

  • sneak hit increases your crit chance by 50%, wich is a lot, it only does that while hitting in the back of enemies… but that’s not a problem at all, you have skills to go in the back of enemies, and if you use werewolf cards, you have a chance of hits being registered as back attacks

  • evasion buff can be really useful (though it seems bugged atm ? i’ve used it a few times but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything…)

  • knife throw… is alright, that’s it
    it makes it so enemies affected by it can’t evade melee attacks, wich is a huge plus especially in groups
    it can also it multiple enemies, and it does a decent amount of damage
    and finally, it boosts Pierce attacks (backstab, knife throw, piercing heart, hexen dropper)

  • burrow… can be useful, personnaly i got rid of it though so i won’t say anything about it


I wouldn´t take rogue if you dont want to pvp.

Outlaw (Mangle/Rampage and more Dodge)
Enchanter (Instant Acc is nice with 3 hits and it gives some Critrate.)
Or linker.

Or BM :stuck_out_tongue:


i actually haven’t tried outlaw, but tbh i have no interest in it
haven’t tried enchanter either, heard it’s good though

i used to have linker… instead of corsair, and honestly i don’t miss it at all

as for BM, i think it’s better if you just focus on pistols, i focus on dagger (and sword too since i have corsair, it’s already very expensive)


Bm was more a joke…i got+16 primus pistol/Dagger T8 thats why my main is assa/enchanter/Bm.

I reset a char to Assa/Rogue/Corsair and end up not using my Rogue skills at all.

Mangle at least have some Synergys its a slash atack too and with rampage you can boost anihilation.


Hm… probably outlaw is more suited. Linker is good at single target with elec shock, but I just found out linker is quite useless when your teammates kill so quickly that joint penalty is not needed (in CM and dungeons at least).