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Need help with a server tranfer

Iam back on the game, but i check the ping on NA is too high for me. SA its perfect for me, So i want to return to this game but i really need transfer 3 characters.

Can please a GM move my characters? T-T please, i really want to return.
And… What is the number of ppl playing on SA? its a good amount?

Tbh, if that were possible, I’d be asking the same… But I ended up making a new account over there. The biggest difference in terms of pop with Klai is that there’s people of many different time zones, so there’s always someone online. Silute has more ups and downs of pop, but in active times, it feels about the same

if there exist a scroll to move server, i ll pay for it cause i d love to migrate from NA to SEA as well. you cant do all those costume quest witH high RTT especially those that requres quick response from server

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